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  1. whenever i have this issue I can confirm nothing has changed ie api key is the same, url etc.
  2. Hi sorry to bump this post from 2011, it’s now mid 2020 and we have this issue! if we reset our WHMCS license then login from a IPv6 PC it updates our license and license information on WHMCS.com shows our websites IPv6 address, if an agent with a ipv4 IP from their ISP logs in to WHMCS then they get invalid license error. we need WHMCS to work for our agents on both ipv4 and v6 automatically without needing to get WHMCS support to manually both IPs. is it possible this could be added so it activates the license once on v4 and once on v6?
  3. yes you're right however the desktop side menu design could be improved.
  4. HI The sidebar design on PC Browser isn't as nice as it is on Mobile browser, can this be improved? Desktop sidebar vs mobile:
  5. Hi i have added 3 WHMCS installs to my iOS app when I switch my phone off and back on it looses the profiles and I have to re-add them! iPhone 11 Pro Max with latest iOS 11.6 stable
  6. Hi 1.0.2 has stopped me being able to switch brands. Tapping theradio button now just loads brand configuration page.
  7. Hi i have 3 whmcs install 1) it’s slow switching brands and takes 5-10 seconds to load the information on the home tab 2) tapping the second brand is a bit awkward, it would be better if I could tap the domain name and not just the radio button on the left
  8. Hi we use supportpal and not whmcs native ticket system. when I logon to the new app it shows this message. Can this be ignored if support module isn’t using native whmcs? Image attached iPhone 11 Pro using iOS 13.5.5 beta
  9. try using SMTP with SMTP authentication and see if it helps in your WHMCS config.
  10. To add to this thread, Plesk also had a big price increase (2-3x more) around 9 months after oakley capital took over.
  11. No need to use my fix now. Re-download the module and it’ll no longer show that error as my works published another update
  12. Fixed:) UPDATE `portal_whmcs`.`tblclients` SET `gatewayid` = '' WHERE `id` = 1234 replace 1234 with the client ID. This will let the page load.
  13. HI I have again got this issue myself, the previous fix doesn't appear to fix it for all of my users. this is what I did on the WHMCS DB Update `whmcs_db_name`.`tblpaymethods` set `gateway_name` = 'paypalbilling', `order_preference` = '0', WHERE `payment_type` = 'RemoteCreditCard' AND `userid` = 1234; replace 1234 with the userID from the WHMCS admin URL ie: WHMCS/ADMIN/clientssummary.php?userid=1234
  14. HI im not sure what would cause that as it worked fine for me. Make sure when you are filtering the mysql DB you are looking at USERID and not ID table.
  15. HI I requested a refund within 24 hours... its now been over 2 weeks and no refund nor response to my tickets with you? Why do you promote 10 day moneyback on this module if you don't honor it?
  16. for those with the error accessing clients profiles the only fix is to remove their payment details from the new paymethods db table ie open the tblpaymethods and filter by USERID and search for their userID then delete all lines in the table for that client. This will then make their profile page load. The customer will need to visit paypalbilling.php again to make a new agreement once a functional module is released. 2 weeks ago I spoke with another developer who make a similar module https://whmcsglobalservices.com/whmcs-paypal-tokenization-payment-module/ this has been updated to WHMCS 7.8 and they told me they made the myworks software version but are not working with them on this update. To my excitment I purchased this module with a 10 day money back guarantee. I uploaded it and while activating it I had multiple issues (possibly caused by clashing DB tables). I renamed the ones created by the myworks module but it still through other errors and some invoices were no longer accessible in WHMCS. I cancelled and requested a refund under their 10 day money back however they dont honor refunds even though i cancelled within 24 hours. I raised a paypal dispute which was instantly closed due to a virtual product or some rubbish like that! Anyone who wants to purchase their version can do so, but be advised they do not refund and ignore tickets once you have cancelled and requested a refund.
  17. wow that was a quick reply. I had a patch sent to me within seconds. worth the $30 for 1 minute response time 😄
  18. I have this issue Opened a $30 fast response ticket with support (#RMC-273719)
  19. @whmcs HI i have an issue with this. for example i setup a new product in whmcs called cPanel [Oct+] i then setup a config option called cPanel metal and assigned to this product I then setup "pricing" and assigned METAL licenses to this group I then ordered the new product and used link license which works! If i click SYNC license button i get this error: cPanel Licensing Error - Request Action Failed - This license has a CYBERHOSTPRO-INTERNAL and a CYBERHOSTPRO-CLOUDLINUX-INTERNAL-WITH-CPANEL package on it. Please specify an oldpackage or oldpackageid parameter. If i click SYNC IP I get this error: You must enter an IP address the IP does show in the license box and I also tried adding it in "dedicated IP" field.
  20. I found this article on google. I got it working by uploading content to new folder: /modules/addons/facebookpixel then login to whmcs admin > setup > addon modules and enable the module + enter PixelID.
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