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  1. I found this article on google. I got it working by uploading content to new folder: /modules/addons/facebookpixel then login to whmcs admin > setup > addon modules and enable the module + enter PixelID.
  2. Google+ closes down today (2nd April) WHMCS should remove G+ options from configgeneral.php#tab=11
  3. To add to my last response I have found that your module does the following 1) uses the mandate ID (gocardless > customer name > bank account > mandate) 2) it adds meta data client_id to the mandate what I then did to the failing DD was: 1) edit gatewayID to their mandate ID from Gocardless website 2) add the meta data however its still failing with the same error. I did notice the mandate ID was just numbers and did not begin MD Can you help us to get this working so we can migrate gateway IDs to the new preferred method?
  4. John We have upgraded from 7.6 to 7.7 today and now direct debits fail This is the process I took after upgrading: 1) went to gateways page and clicked log in to gocardless to sync settings 2) opened a invoice (due tomorrow) and clicked pay now and it fails with: Invoice ID => 157097 User ID => REMOVED Amount => 1636.46 No mandate setup Another client then setup a fresh new direct debit, when I go to the users profile the gateway ID begins MD000 previously we stored to CU (customer number) which you can see on the code i sent you for my custom module that collects transaction fee's. I need to create a migration from OLD gateway ID to new gateway ID. todays new DD signup begins MD000 and I dont know where this is coming from? when I login to Gocardless and click the new customer, the URL contains CU000 (customer number) i dont see anywhere for MD000 even when clicking through options like pending payments?
  5. We developed this a few months ago. I’ve passed all of my code to WHMCS so hopefully they’ll include it in 7.7 or a future release
  6. John can this be added?? We’ve coded it already so happy to donate to you all of my code for you to take anything out of it to add to yours.
  7. Thanks for replying. What about transaction fees? Does it import these to whmcs?
  8. John We have customised / redeveloped the old legacy gocardless module so it worked on whmcs 7 and also set it so only one DD mandate works for all invoice, our module now also checks every hour for transaction fees (which apply when money is received by gocardless) it turn updates whmcs invoice with the transaction fee. Does 7.7 native version set a spend limit in gocardless? If so can this be removed or configured by admin? does it allow one gocardless agreement for all of the clients invoices to charge to GC? I think we should be able to change to the 7.7 navite module, if I give you my code could you add transaction fee support to whmcs native version?
  9. cyberhostpro

    ''AuxBilling contact Details are not vaild"

    i too am having this issue. looking forward to a response from whmcs, i assume a fix/updated module should be on the way once you hear back from them.
  10. Checkout easydcim.com this is much better than anything else available for whmcs
  11. Hello We have our own module developed for our VPS Resellers, it works fine in WHMCS v6.3.1 but not WHMCS 7 (7.0.1) on the product > module section all items are missing on V7 Has something changed in WHMCS v7 to cause this? if so where can I find what changes are needed for modules to work. PHP version remains the same 5.6 for testing today we setup a 6.3 install, it worked fine. We then upgraded it to v7 and the module no longer worked. Screen shots attached from v6 and v7 V6: V7: I tried adding error_reporting(-1); to our CyberHostPro.php but I didn't get anything useful out of it. Hoping someone can help me
  12. cyberhostpro

    WHMCS v6 Merge Script

    In order to migrate using a v6 server using the migration script ( http://www.whmcs.com/members/dl.php?type=d&id=41 ) , here's what you need to do #1: Download the migration script to the v6 install #2: In your v6 install, move includes/functions.php to includes/functions.backup.php #3: Copy includes/functions.php from your v5 install to your v6 install (same filename) #4: Unzip and run the migration script, on the v6 install, from the whmcs directory #5: Run the migration script by launching it on your web browser #6: Remove the migration script and then replace the functions.php file with the one you backed up
  13. cyberhostpro

    PayPal Issues

    make sure you've selected PayPal and not ie PayPal website payment pro in WHMCS.
  14. cyberhostpro

    PayPal Issues

    hi convert to a paypal business account, its FREE! How do I upgrade my PayPal account type? Here's how: Log in to your PayPal account. Click the Profile icon next to "Log out." Click Upgrade to a business account. Enter your business information and click Continue.
  15. cyberhostpro

    Official cPanel & Proxmox modules

    HI checkout: http://www.modulesgarden.com/products/whmcs/cpanel_pack/features and http://www.modulesgarden.com/products/whmcs/cpanel_extended/features

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