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  1. HI We use https://myworks.design/software/whmcs-paypal-billing-agreements-payment-gateway/ and it works fine with WHMCS v8
  2. Hopefully someone from WHMCS will reply to this and confirm if they’ll reintroduce this.
  3. who in the right mind at WHMCS thought its a good idea to hide the overdue invoices in a billing system from the homepage!
  4. HI how can I add a admin homepage widget to show number of overdue invoices? prior to v8 it would show overdue invoices in the header and now this has been removed.
  5. Share your device info including model and OS version. It’s been fine for me for 6 weeks or so since WHMCS last fixed it.
  6. HI Sometime ago I reported to WHMCS that the order form does not fully work with iPad Pro. WHMCS confirmed the bug as: CORE-14408 When will this bug be fixed as its still not showing in any release notes for 2020 builds of WHMCS and with v8 around the corner I would like those users with iPad pro to be able to place orders on our website.
  7. HI its possible, I just downloaded WHMCS as the setup folder will have all the SQL Scripts to run them one by one ie it'll upgrade your DB from 7.1 > 7.2 > 7.3 > 7.4 etc.
  8. HI Make sure you take a backup before you upgrade. For payment methods do you use any 3rd party gateways or are they all native WHMCS gateways?
  9. Did it loose the profiles on iOS upgrade? it’s working fine for me now and I’m also on iPhone 11 Pro Max but with iOS 14
  10. Do you still have this issue since re-adding profiles in the new iOS app update they released a week or so ago as so far this new version has fixed it for me.
  11. WHMCS should take this and add it to the source code so every whmcs user can have this simple fix.
  12. HI This isn't so much a v8 issue as its in v7 too but its something you should change in the next upcoming version. WHMCS for a long time has offered "Ban IP" when viewing an order. When you click Ban its always used 31/12/2020 23:59 as the ban expiry date, this means throughout WHMCS history all orders banned for everyone will automatically unban 31/12/2020 this year. (see attached example) Today on my test Beta3 install i banned an order and it still uses 31st Dec 2020 which is only 4 months from now. can WHMCS change the logic so its something the administrator can configure, I think a good default for Ban IP is 1 year, for example if i banned an IP today it would unban 1 year today rather than all blocks be given the same date -- but the admin should be able to configure this as some may want block for 2yrs, 10yrs etc. Based on the current system if it doesn't change if i blocked an IP on 1st Jan 2021 its ban expiry date would be in the past. I did log this as a support ticket earlier this year but was told it won't be changed! It needs changing.
  13. thanks. I've updated and re-added my 3 WHMCSs to it today and will keep you informed over the next 2 weeks if it happens again or not
  14. whenever i have this issue I can confirm nothing has changed ie api key is the same, url etc.
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