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  1. Hiya, thank you so much for providing this for me. I’ll give it a go in the development environment and get back to you. Thanks!
  2. Hello, Is anybody able to assist with a issue I’m having with my WHMCS licence module. The WHMCS licence module is a module which automatically registers/creates WHMCS licences. The idea is that you could utilise the daily cron hook point to run some additional code to check every WHMCS licence addon’s check the next due date and cancel the license if it’s in the past. I don’t believe that this would be too difficult to code but I am not familiar with this. It would be greatly appreciated if somebody could code this for me. Thanks!
  3. Amazing, thank you both for your replies. I'll investigate both options and if I have any further questions I'll come back here. Have a great day.
  4. I've managed to get whmcs to redirect every affiliate link to a specified URL. However, would it be possible for me to set a URL to redirect to for a specific affiliate client? For example: Affiliate 1's link would go to the default location. Affiliate 2's link would go to a custom location. Thanks!
  5. Hi there! I am looking for a way to make a custom affiliate link for a single user. For example his existing code is https://domain.co.uk/*?aff=3 Can I make it info https://billing.volthosting.co.uk/customtext or something simular? Thank you for your help. - Rowan S
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