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  1. Hello, Sure you can pm me, or contact me in Discord.
  2. Hello Mr. Duncan! I have already made this addon for Discord and if you need any more functionalities, I can do for you! Please check this out: https://whmcs.community/topic/317674-andrezzz-link-discord Stay safe, André
  3. Hello @l3szcz! How are you? Do you still need help? Stay safe, André
  4. Hello Tengri! Do you still need it?
  5. Andrezzz - Link Discord (WHMCS Addon) Do you ever wondered to link a Client to a Discord account? Now you can! Why keep waiting to buy this WHMCS Addon? More than 28 sales made, 15 reviews at the moment with five stars each one. Don't waste any more time searching for the perfect addon, here is the one! Use one time, you'll never wanna leave it, trust me and in the reviews. Features: If the Client has active services and/or any Invoices are paid with active services, they will be assigned the Client role; If the Client no longer has active services, the role will be taken away; Allows you to search for a Client with their Discord ID in the Navbar; Redirect each client e-mail as a DM message; Multiple roles and guilds support, as well support for Guest, Client, Product and Group based roles; Panel to manage the roles; Edit and Delete the Linked Client; Backend API available to use. Screenshots: Homepage Panel Homepage Panel - Linked.png Secondary Sidebar Secondary Sidebar - Linked Linkage Info page Admin - Roles Admin - Edit and Delete Discord - Notification Backend API - Notification Price: 35$ one time 🔥 Buy | More information 🔥
  6. If anyone is interested in this Custom API function, just check out my GitHub 😄 GitHub: https://github.com/andretunes/whmcs-api-update-order-status
  7. Hello, You need to setup it in your `configuration.php` file. More information: https://docs.whmcs.com/Mobile_App:_Connecting_to_WHMCS
  8. Hello, In order to help you out, could you please tell me a little bit more about what you wanna do? From what I've seen (by far), you wanna a custom API action, is that correct? If yes, check this example out! It's a piece of extra code from one of my modules. <?php /** * WHMCS Link Discord version 1.2 * * @package WHMCS * @copyright Andrezzz * @link https://www.andrezzz.pt * @author André Antunes <andreantunes@andrezzz.pt> */ use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; if (!defined('WHMCS')) { exit(header('Location: https://www.andrezzz.pt')); } $clients = Capsule::table('tblhosting')->where('domainstatus', 'Active')->groupBy('userid')->get(['userid']); if (!$clients) { $error = 'No client found.'; } if (!$error) { $apiresults = array("result" => "success", "clients" => $clients); } else { $apiresults = array("result" => "error", "message" => $error); } ?> Edit: You'll need to create a file in the directory `/yourwhmcspath/includes/api/nameofaction.php` and change the `nameofaction` for your desired name.
  9. In some providers, you can define for default the Lock, if not, you'll need either to do a Hook, either to change the respective Registrar Module.
  10. Hello, You can do this, go to your template folder and search for the file `invoicepdf.tpl`, there you can edit as much you like. More info: https://docs.whmcs.com/PDF_Invoice_Customisation
  11. Hello bro, You can try using this hook here: https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks-reference/invoices-and-quotes/#invoicepaidpreemail It will trigger once the Invoice is marked as Paid and before the email send. Try this one: <?php function proformainvoicepaiddate($vars) { $invoiceid = $vars["invoiceid"]; update_query("tblinvoices", array("date" => "now()"), array("id" => $invoiceid)); } add_hook("InvoicePaidPreEmail", 0, "proformainvoicepaiddate",""); ?>
  12. Hello, In the past on my WHMCS v 7.6 installation I getted this error and I think the version 8.1 also have. But after I upgrade to the 8.2 I never saw this error again, can you test it?
  13. Hello, Which domain registrar are you using?
  14. The hook is fine, will only be triggered once the Invoice is Created, I already use it on my personal Hosting Website.
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