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  1. In My Products & Services page, I added a menu, And I need to show the Password Modification option only for WHM reseller and cPanel account, not for Servers.
  2. If the product is a VPS server then not showing the ChangePassword option. If the product is a reseller cPanel WHM or cPanel account then show the option to change password. How to achieve that ?
  3. How to remove the button from the template?
  4. {if $producttype eq "server"}{elseif $producttype eq "hostingaccount"} <li class="divider"></li> <li><a href=""><i class="glyphicon glyphicon-refresh"></i> {$LANG.clientareanavchangepw}</a></li> {else} <li class="divider"></li> <li><a href=""><i class="glyphicon glyphicon-refresh"></i> {$LANG.clientareanavchangepw}</a></li> {/if} </ul> </div> This code isn't working for me
  5. Hello, I need to display a text in clientareaproducts.tpl if the product is a server, if the product is hosting or reseller I display another text: {if $productinfo.type eq "server"} {elseif $productinfo.type eq "hostingaccount"}{else}{/if} How to do it?
  6. Hello How to Allow only Registrant Contact modification? Thanks
  7. Hello, How to hide the Whois Information button in client area? Thanks
  8. Hello, How to Update all Knowledge base Text Font family and size all at once ? Thanks
  9. Hello, How to RTL six template ? Thanks
  10. Hello, I need to create automatically a cPanel account for domain registration only. If the user register a domain name, a free cPanel account will be automatically created. Thanks
  11. Hello, How to link "No SSL detected" red icon to Configurable options and not to Cart? Thanks
  12. Hello, I am looking for this order form https://customer.ndchost.com/cart.php?gid=25 Can anyone help thanks
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