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  1. I'm using a custom theme from the WHMCS Marketplace, and having issues with the checkout process. I've never created a custom theme for WHMCS so I'm not even sure where the file with the issue would be. The issue listed below does not happen when I switch back to the Six theme. The first issue I noticed was testing a new Shared Hosting registration, where I kept running through a loop. Here are the steps I was taken through: Select hosting package link from main website ({WHMCS}/cart.php?a=add&pid=2) Land on domain selection page (I opted to use an existing domain) Land on hosting package options -> choose hosting package (again) Land back on domain selection page ... etc When choosing to register a new domain, it follows the same steps (does not lookup the domain name). No errors are displayed (in front end or admin panel log - I do have error logs on). Any ideas?
  2. Hey everyone! Sorry I realized my last issue was actually due to the path being incorrect -- for some reason the path shown in my Support Departments tab is incorrect. In any case, this is working now! Sorry for all of the messages!
  3. Hey there- So my web host said there was a core operating system/host node setting preventing the cron from running, so they've moved me to a new server. And now I'm getting a different error. I've tried different variations of the path to pipe to, and I get the same error (with a different path).
  4. Hey WHMCS Community! My name is Justin, and I am working on a re-entry to the Web Development world! I'm taking the time in isolation to update my HTML, CSS and PHP knowledge, and learn new languages like JavaScript. I've always been interested in Web Hosting, using cPanel and WHM. Not really sure where to take this interest, so for starters I plan to open a small Web Hosting business targetted to beginners trying to get online. My hope with this isn't to get rich, but to at least cover my own hosting costs so I can continue to play around! And hopefully help some people with zero coding experience get their websites online! 🙂 I joined this community with the hopes of getting an issue with email piping resolved (fingers crossed!) but hope to be a full member of the community!
  5. Hi Chris, thanks for responding! I am using cPanel (sorry, should have stated that). The cron directory was set to 0755. I just tried setting pipe.php and the cron directory itself to 0777 and still received the same error.
  6. Hi there I continue to encounter the "Failed to make mounts private: Permission denied" error when trying to setup email piping. (I experience this issue via Forwarding AND POP3 Cron methods). The permissions for the crons directory, the parent directory to that, and ALL files in the crons directory are ALL set to 755. I have followed instructions and many troubleshooting instructions very very carefully, including trying several different methods of entering the path, and fully re-installing WHMCS in a separate directory! (This is a new site, so re-installing is not a concern right now). The config.php file is showing the path to the install correctly, and the master configuration.php is showing the path to the crons folder correctly. Does anyone have any feedback?
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