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  1. I have set up my WHMCS system to allow sponsored (free) subdomains for some customers. The issue I encountered was: When a customer gets to the "Choose a Domain" page, he selects "Use a subdomain from the GW Corp Hosting." It then asks them to put their subdomain name in the box with .gwcorphosting.com after the name. The customer clicks check. The system accepts the name even if a subdomain with the same name already exists. The system only rejects the name when I go into WHMCS admin and try to accept the order. It then says there is already a subdomain with that name. Is there a work around for this? regards Gunther
  2. Hi Pete, thanks for the advice. I will go take a look at the PayPal documentation. regards Gunther
  3. I am still struggling with my Paypal gateway in WHMCS setup. I have a question, when you select Paypal as the prefered payment gateway. 2 x PayPal payment gateways come up. 1. PayPal - it asks for Client ID and Client secret. - which someone at Paypal told me they don't use any longer. 2. Paypal basic - which asks for API user name, Password, and signature So which one would you recommend? I completed both, but the payment page is sometimes being skipped by the process. Maybe because I have both completed.
  4. Thank you very much, you are a super star.
  5. Thanks Brian, Yes I found modules under gwcorp and registrars under modules. You say I just upload the new folder and then extract it in the registrar folder and then it should come up in my WHMCS back office?
  6. Thanks Brian, I am looking in my cpanel but don't see modules in the WHMCS data file see attached pic.
  7. Hi Brian, thanks for the quick response. I did the download and open the documents. But I do not find a folder labeled registrars, that is where I am stuck. regards Gunther
  8. The registrar Hexonet is already part of the group of registrars one can select from in the WHMCS package. But Hexonet suggest that one upload their latest version of there software into WHMCS, the problem is that no one seems to be able to tell me how to do this. They say I should upload -( whmcs-ispapi-registrar-3.0.5) into WHMCS in my cpanel. I went to take a look in my cpanel, I find a whmcs folder under file manager, but there a a few folders in there. Which folder should I upload the )whmcs-ispapi-registrar-3.0.5) into? No one at Hexonet can tell me, which folder I need to place the ispapi into. Thanks Gunther
  9. I am still testing my WHMCS system to make sure everything works. I place an order and get to the checkout, I have three options Paypal seems to be correct Debit or Credit card payment - there is a problem here. When I select this option it asks for card information and personal information. But the menu is long and therefore you need to scroll down to complete it, when you do the system takes you all the way to the bottom of the menu. Which means there are boxes that you cant fill in because they have over shot. When you scroll up the system takes you to the top again. Option three - check out - I am not sure why this is on the page. I believe the customer should pay before they can submit the order. Regards Gunther Wallendorf
  10. Yes. when one adds the TLD you want and the press continue it automatically adds the searched one to the cart. Thanks again.
  11. Brian thanks again for the great support. But what you are saying then is that what ever you searched is automatically added to the cart, and what ever you add is also added to the cart. I don't understand why you would have a system that automatically adds things to the cart just because the customer searched it. I will shift the .co.za up on the TLD list thanks. I am trying to avoid customers purchasing and then seeing that they paid for two domains and asking for a refund, because once a domain is purchased you can't get the money back. Thanks again Gunther Wallendorf
  12. When a customer goes through the domain search and let's say he searches Jack258.com and its available. But he notices that most of the TLD's are also available and he can get the .CO.ZA TLD free for the first 12 months. So he selects Jack258.co.za and continues to select his package to get the domain free, he then selects continue. The system adds both of the domains to the order the Jack258.com and the Jack258.co.za and neither are free. The hosting package is also added. See attached images
  13. When a customer selects to purchase hosting from me and then completes the order process. The customer fills all their details and then selects complete order. No Payment option comes up. The system then takes them into their client area, one can see the invoice. Why is the customer not asked to pay before the process is completed? I would expect a paypal window to open so that the customer can make a payment. regards Gunther Wallendorf
  14. Thanks Brian, on the mark again. I appreciate all your input. regards Gunther
  15. When a potential customer clicks the link on my website to purchase hosting, he is taken to the WHMCS page: Choose a domain - select one of 1. Register a new domain 2. Transfer your domain from another registrar 3. I will use my existing domain and update my name servers. When I select 3. I will use my existing domain and update my name servers. and I enter one of my subdomains I get the ERROR - The domain you entered is not valid If I use my actual domain it accepts it. Why will the system not allow me to purchase hosting for a subdomain.
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