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  1. Convert .php to fit whmcs style

    I would check with Jack at Zomex, he is usually very helpful.
  2. I finally found an old incompatible widget.
  3. The page is not blank, it is like the admin template is not loading. There is no formatting or css. Just text. But other admin pages are fine.
  4. Yes Firefox,Chrome, IE and Edge
  5. I have, that is not the issue for me. The database tables are the same.
  6. I did an automated upgrade to 7.3.0. No errors, everything seems to be working fine except for the admin/index.php. It acts like the template is not loading, no css or formatting. I can navigate to other admin pages and they are working fine. I checked to database for the problems with the blank admin page, and that was not the problem. The same problem persists using blend, v4 and lara admin templates. I then uploaded the admin folder from the full, with no change. I disabled all addons and custom widgets, again no change. I replaced the index.php with the 7.2.3 and the page works. Any WHMCS gurus have an idea? I opened a ticket #PWV-015178
  7. No access to 'Addon Modules' page

    I found that one out the hard way myself
  8. No access to 'Addon Modules' page

    Enable "Display Errors" and "Log Errors" in General Settings - Other
  9. No access to 'Addon Modules' page

    Usually that means one of your addons is not compatible with PHP7
  10. Thanks Brian. I did add in you changes, but the only thing I could not get to work is the font color="red"
  11. Brian, Regarding https://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?85823-Tutorial-How-to-modify-the-Recurring-Billing-Cycle-text Is this still valid for 7.2.3 with the modern and standard_cart?
  12. My bad, I did not see that. I have upgraded it and am trying to get it to work.
  13. Still waiting on this also.
  14. How does termination work?

    That is correct. The control panel account is removed, and the billing account is still in WHMCS.
  15. Hosting Service

    There are many using WHMCS along with TCAdmin for hosting game servers.

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