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  1. Need a bit of help with the new OpenID connect feature and WordPress. I installed a plugin on my WordPress site called Generic OpenID Connect. This allows wordpress to be a OpenID consumer and the idea is to use the whmcs login creds on all my wordPress sites. Both sites are ssl enabled and the whmcs side is setup with the appropriate tokens and keys generated . My question is regarding some additional info that the plugin is requesting... and I don't know where/what it is. I've got: Login Endpoint URL Token Validation Endpoint URL Userinfo Endpoint URL Client ID Client Secret Key I"m missing: OpenID Scope Identity Key Where those two pieces of info come from or how they are generated so I can add them to the plugin? How is the actual login flow supposed to work. The plugin doesn't have any detailed instructions so I"m asking on this end to see if anyone can help out.. Thanks
  2. Similar here.. Any config or creation of new products throws.... Fatal error: Cannot redeclare _createCustomer() (previously declared in /home/fullsupp/public_html/members/modules/servers/resellerclubmdhosting/resellerclubmdhosting.php:423) in /home/fullsupp/public_html/members/modules/servers/resellerclubresellerhosting/resellerclubresellerhosting.php on line 550 It was tested with both Reseller club active inactive and now domains available for purchase but still same error...
  3. Is this coming in V.6 announced today????
  4. Quick update.. is was the firewall on my server not allowing outgoing pop connections from the cron. Opened it up and office365 works perfectly now..
  5. Office365 and cron pop support tickets. I've got my WHMCS install sending email through office 365 with no issues (only works when mail type is php (Mail) in settings mail type) ... but it's getting the support department pop settings to authenticate that won't work. Sending and Receiving email runs fine in any email client using office365 but with WHMCS I get this error from the cron job when WHMCS tries to pop office365.com. <b>POP Import Log</b><br>Date: 05/12/2014 06:20:01<hr>Host: outlook.office365.com<br>Email: support@wpblogsupport.com<br>An Error Occurred: Can't connect to outlook-namsouth.office365.com,995: Connection timed out the email address and password are correct and work in any other pop email client to send and receive email.. as well as for sending email from WHMCS via office365. It's just the support department POP settings that arent' working the current settings for external office365 apps connecting to office365.com are [TABLE=class: banded] [TR] [TD]POP3 [/TD] [TD]outlook.office365.com [/TD] [TD]995 [/TD] [TD]SSL [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]IMAP4 [/TD] [TD]outlook.office365.com [/TD] [TD]993 [/TD] [TD]SSL [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]SMTP [/TD] [TD]smtp.office365.com [/TD] [TD]587 [/TD] [TD]TLS [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] Any suggestions?
  6. Did you get the pop.php support tickets import working with this setup???
  7. I got a message back from support and it is not available as an option in the web2.0cart. argh.. It was suggested that I added as a feature request.
  8. There's no config to https://www.wpblogsupport.com/clients/cart/?a=add&pid=120&skipconfig=1 I'm using the web2.0cart template and the link still requires the buyer to click on the "checkout" button. I'm trying to remove the buyer having to click that button and go directly to the page that allows them to start entering their Credit Card details. What else am I missing ??
  9. With the "web2.0cart" template I'm looking for a direct link for individual products that goes directly to the checkout page. I want to remove the user having to select the "checkout" button. http://docs.whmcs.com/Linking_to_WHMCS includes links to the product and the order template but what about directly to the checkout page??? cart/?a=add&pid=114&what=checkout
  10. Anyone tested the I-plugins WHMCS WordPress bridge with this stripe gateway plugin? It embeds WHMCS in WordPress so I"m wondering if there is any issues with code that the stripe plugin changes in the cart templates. - - - Updated - - - I have a ticket in with Stripe and will follow up.. thanks
  11. Anyone had issues with clients trying to update their cc. I'm running default template/ajax cart and 5.3.9 with no edits to any of the templates Logged in as the client and first deleting the existing card number and then adding another card results in The following errors occurred: Your card could not be saved, please try again or contact support. Logged in as admin and manually editing the same clients cc details from the admin panel results in: - Remote Transaction Failure. Please Contact Support. I just re-installed the latest version of the plugin including all the templates and files to double check and the stripe log shows that the card details are creating a new token but it's not being reflected in WHMCS Any Suggestions?
  12. thanks works perfectly... any suggestions on how to do this for product groups that are currently hidden. Would be nice to have them available to "logged in clients only?
  13. Only problem is that removes the option for existing clients... Anyway to only have removed for new clients?
  14. Ended up removing {if $registerdomainenabled}<label><input type="radio" name="gid" onclick="window.location='cart.php?a=add&domain=register'" /> {$LANG.registerdomain}</label> {/if} From the ajaxcart's products.tpl file...
  15. This stops the registration of domains completely though... I'd like to remove the "Register Domains" from the first time clients cart view. You can hide product groups on the order page but you can't just hide the "register domains" option. I still want clients to be able to register domains I just don't' want it displayed as an option to New clients... Any suggestions
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