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  1. Yes I believe so Brian. Funny thing is that I've never once set a product "termination date", yet after migrating from SiteGround to InMotion, a bunch of my clients were assigned termination dates automatically. Have you encountered anything like this? WHMCS even deleted 4-5 of the clients before I caught on to this termination date... had to re-migrate the sites, which was a bit of a nuisance. SG Migration Thread (in case you were interested in what's going on with SG/WHMCS):
  2. Hi Mandalorian (great show by the way), For the WHMCS migration, it was simple. They copied the files and database to the proper URL... pretty seamless. Eg. they transferred WHMCS.YOURWEBSITE.COM to WHMCS.YOURWEBSITE.COM (no change). The funny thing is that since SG offers no root access (on the VPS I had), InMotion recreated all of the accounts as individual cpanel accounts. At this point, I requested that all accounts live under "root" so you don't have to create dozens (if not hundreds) of unique API keys, one per website. Instead, create one API key with ROOT on InMotion, and then all of the cpanel accounts should show up in the "Server > Sync" admin in WHMCS. Another funny thing is that the packages in WHM were not migrated properly. You have to recreate these yourself (since there's no root access, therefore InMotion cannot do this for you). DEFINITELY get on this, I've spent a week, week and a half messing around with both support teams (mostly InMotion migration support). A "rolled out" migration is what I ended up doing, although InMotion doesn't like doing it this way. Consider doing it all in one shot if you can (including your NS/A record changes).
  3. I'm having the same issue after a migration from old host to new host. All of my packages in WHM are sync'd as products in WHMCS... and, my client websites and email are working...... BUT all of my accounts show as "INACTIVE".
  4. Went with InMotion. 3 years plan. Take-aways: -Make sure you recreate your products on your new server, as SiteGround didn't allow for the transfer of packages from WHM -Migration was free -Make sure the migration team lists ALL of your accounts, they missed a couple of mine and I had to track them down manually -There are 10 days left before SiteGround is shutdown for WHMCS customers... So, make this a priority if you need to migrate away from SiteGround! -ALSO, make sure you reassign the owner to your root account for WHMCS (InMotion migrated each account in separately).
  5. No root access, you'd have to do individual cpanel backups if you wanted to export your hosting business... sounds fun right? Can't use the built in cpanel backups or otherwise. Not even a virtual CLI for SSH is offered with their VPS. They have 7 day full hosting backups, and that's about it.
  6. As requested, I have confirmed that SiteGround will discontinue support of WHM and WHMCS effective February 1, 2021. I guess they made that call anyways... But let's get back to the main point! Which web host providers are a suitable replacement for SiteGround? edit: I can't believe I'm saying this... but even SG support encourages me to migrate elsewhere (since WHMCS is not in the picture). Dang.
  7. The way SG is wording it, is basically "We won't permit this application to run on our servers, supported or not".
  8. Well if I had to guess, SG wants to niche their hosting base. As far as VPS goes, this was the impact. Not sure about other machines they offer. Also consider that without ROOT access their VPS hosting for WHMCS wasn't great to begin with.
  9. Which hosting companies have you heard about? Or just in general. I really hope this doesn't impact WHMCS too severely... I love my WHMCS. InMotion seems like a good spot to go so far...
  10. Remarkably sad 😞 I liked SG, except for the lack of root access. You kinda feel like a well fed prisoner...
  11. Yes, check out: https://www.siteground.com/blog/new-client-area-and-site-tools/ Also here's the email I received today: SUBJECT: ACTION REQUIRED: Please confirm Cloud Hosting usage without WHMCS, or your account may be terminated BODY OF MSG: Hello, We have detected WHMCS billing software installed on your cloud account(s) blahhost.ca. We would like to inform you that after February 1, 2021 WHMCS will no longer be compatible with SiteGround Cloud Hosting services. If you do NOT actively use and/or WILL NOT need WHMCS in the future we kindly ask you to inform us through the link below. Otherwise your cloud account will be terminated on February 1, 2021. Why do we stop supporting WHMCS? We are in the process of migrating all our clients from cPanel to our in-house built Site Tools. As part of this process we have evaluated whether we should integrate WHMCS in Site Tools. A very small number of our Cloud clients currently use WHMCS. At the same time, integration of the software into Site Tools will require significant development resources, which cannot be justified by its current client adoption rate. That is why we would not be supporting WHMCS on our Site Tools-based service. What are your options? Confirm you agree to use SiteGround cloud service without WHMCS If you would like to continue using your Cloud account without WHMCS, you must confirm your choice by submitting the form linked below before February 1, 2021. CONFIRM SERVICE CONTINUATION Otherwise your cloud account will be terminated on February 1, 2021 If you consider WHMCS as a critical service for your operations and are not willing to continue using our services without it, please take this email as a notice for service termination with an effective date February 1, 2021. If we have not received confirmation that you would like to keep your account without WHMCS, we will terminate your cloud hosting service on February 1, 2021. Any unused prepaid fees will be refunded upon service termination We would like to apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused by this decision and we sincerely hope we could continue working together! Best regards, The SiteGround Team
  12. If you haven't heard... SiteGround is deciding to push their own Web Toolkit, and eliminate WHMCS application support this February. The impact on my business means I have to migrate my entire client base away from SiteGround in the next 2 months, which is a bit stressful. For solution's sake... Can anybody recommend a suitable web host that: Prioritizes WHMCS application support (has it on their roadmap for a long time) Has kick-ass support Is based in North America (Canada preferred, US is okay) Allows me to take a snapshot of the entire cPanel, and export it regularly (on SiteGround, they restricted WHM backup tools big time). This would allow for easy server transfers out from the host, especially if you needed to move your clients to a new host for any reason... Based on preliminary research, I've heard good things about: InMotion A2 Hosting HostPapa TIA for any help or suggestions. Looking forward to a long (and successful) migration process.
  13. Another issue I'm facing -- the WHMCS Client Profile for my client shows 1GB of usage (instead of the manual override of 11GB). How can I ensure that the hard disk quota is reflected accurately in WHMCS?
  14. Recently, I found a manual workaround. I can adjust the Quota manually in WHM. (SEE SCREENSHOT) Can this process be tied to WHMCS. where "11264 MB" is "X"? X represents total GB based on all web hosting+email addresses active on a client's profile -- and is processed via the pending orders --> complete order. The ideal outcome? Client's cpanel account is auto-provisions the max GB to 11GB (1 web host for 1GB, and 10GB for email) ONCE WHMCS order is successful/accepted.
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