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  1. // EDIT // Yes, I have clicked "Empty Template Cache" after making the css updates.
  2. Hey Brian, I've been messing with CSS. Some lines work, some don't. Any suggestions? Here's my custom.css /* Public View - Hide Elements */ body > div.home-shortcuts, #home-banner { display: none !important; } /* Client View - Hide Main Nav Elements */ #Primary_Navbar-Support-Network_Status, #Primary_Navbar-Support-Knowledgebase, #Primary_Navbar-Billing-Mass_Payment, #Primary_Navbar-Services-View_Available_Addons, #Secondary_Navbar-Account-Email_History { display: none !important; } /* Client View - Hide Sidebar Elements */ #main-body > div > div > div:nth-child(2) > div, #Secondary_Sidebar-My_Services_Actions-View_Available_Addons, #main-body > div > div > div:nth-child(2) > div, #main-body > div > div > div.col-md-3.pull-md-left.sidebar.sidebar-secondary > div:nth-child(1), #main-body > div > div > div:nth-child(2) > div, #Secondary_Sidebar-Billing-Mass_Payment, #Secondary_Sidebar-Support-Knowledgebase, #Secondary_Sidebar-Support-Network_Status, #Secondary_Sidebar-My_Services_Actions-View_Available_Addons, #Primary_Sidebar-Announcements_Months-RSS_Feed #btnShowSidebar, #Primary_Sidebar-My_Account-Email_History { display: none !important; } /* HEADER STYLING */ #nav { background: red !important; }
  3. Thanks John. I presume this is where the front end customization happens (html, php hooks)? If I do remove these menu elements from the user portal, how can I be sure that users are unable to login to cpanel (and not just from the front-end)?
  4. Currently, my hosting clients order their hosting package with a max of 0 email accounts. I want to create a package/add-on so I can upsell email accounts to hosting clients. Therefore, an order would be created on the client's WHMCS account to invoice and provision a webmail account (for 5GB on my VPS). How do I create an email-only package / add-on for WHMCS? ūü§Ē
  5. I'd like to disable any access to cpanel functions in the client portal. See screenshot. I don't want customers trying to create emails, view databases, see the file manager. I want all of these functions disabled/hidden. How do you do this?
  6. Brian, thank you for your quick and detailed response. Yes, but I'm curious how this would work since I'm using Stripe. I want to centralize my efforts via WHMCS... so basically, all setup and reminder emails (new hosting package setup email, your payment has been received email, your credit card is expiring email) should run through WHMCS. Especially the credit card expiry email. WHMCS visibility to clients Are most hosting companies in my position giving clients access to the client portal on WHMCS? Perhaps I'm afraid of giving customers too much control over their services in WHMCS. Trying to wrap my head around this. What are the benefits of giving WHMCS portal access? What could go wrong if clients have WHMCS portal access? My ideal setup: Customer signs agreement + provides credit card info to me. Stripe payment is accepted, order is created in WHMCS. Order is now pending, customer is now a client. Client receives their receipt from WHMCS and hosting setup confirmation email from WHMCS (and not Stripe). Client receives occasional reminder emails (service renewal, overdue payments, credit card expired). WHMCS subdomain: Is it too late to switch my WHMCS subdomain from "whmcs." to "my." or "account."?
  7. Hello WHMCS'ers! Recently, I subscribed to WHMCS (and for obvious reasons -- amazing automation features to help my hosting biz scale). They benefits are staggering. Unique Hosting Setup Explained What's makes my hosting setup unique is that I don't allow cpanel access to my clients. They pay for hosting and email, and I take care of the rest (all the cpanel admin)... so my desire/perception is to eliminate the need for client cpanel access. However, this has created some challenges with how my business sets up customer accounts -- and creates challenges for how my business can leverage WHMCS' automation power. Customers simply provide their CC info over the phone, and I do the rest of the setup for them. This means my clients don't use/see the WHMCS front end or client area at all (they don't order products through my system). Integrations/Software I Use Here's a little insight into what kind of systems I use WHM WHMCS Stripe Problem 1 - If clients aren't registering via WHMCS, where should I be creating the client? In WHMCS? In WHM? Problem 2 - Realtime Sync (Back-and-fourth) between WHM and WHMCS Let's say Problem 1 is solved, and a client is created (whether in WHMCS or WHM). How does WHM or WHMCS handle new account creation sync? FYI, I've used the Server Sync Tool to create the seed client account import from WHM to WHMCS. But, I notice this tool doesn't run continuously (only manually, one-time). Ideally, I can sync the newly created client instantly between WHM/WHMCS. Problem 3 - Unique Emails Required for Each WHMCS Client Account My understanding is that this requirement of unique email addresses for client account creation prevents key features like auto reminder emails (overdue payments, expiring credit card). If I continue using my email address, then all auto reminders go to my admin email (not useful at all). For context's sake, my current customer creation process is done in WHM. I create the account in WHM using their domain info, but my email address. The reason why I do this is so my clients don't receive the "Your cpanel account has been created" email, with their cpanel info attached. I don't want clients seeing anything about their cpanel at all -- I just want clients to pay, receive servers, and allow me to administer everything for them. Any solutions or insights are greatly appreciated. I'm excited to "turn on the sales taps", and this is the key barrier for me right now. TIA.
  8. benneth

    Hello From Canada

    Hi everyone, My name is Ben. I'm looking forward to WHMCS' amazing platform for my hosting business. Cheers!
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