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  1. Hello there, I have an issue arising where a client orders hosting and when the order is placed, the module CREATE is run as it is set (Automatically setup after first payment received). But in my Module log this is what I get: I went in my module configuration and under the config tab the IP was the one listed above XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX. I tried removing the IP and rerun the order function under test environment but still the same. When manually run the module function in the pending module actions it gives: So I'm assuming when the order is placed, it goes into Pending state for us to accept it manually (as WHMCS should work) then the module create function is run as the client has paid for the services and payment received, then the API response is like I stated above, tried under both circumstances with IP in module config and without IP.
  2. Let me clarify things, I have verified the email, I have reset the IP, I have cURL installed, the thing is it is working occasionally, like it works one day and next day it doesn't and so on, I guess it has to do with it being free. Thanks for your help and guiding through.
  3. Yes I do have an API key, just using "YOURAPIKEY" as a reference.
  4. This is what I run: Yes I do fill in the required text but it does not return a response and asks me to provide a API KEY whilst I have already provided.
  5. Can you tell me the format of the command to run at server side? As I run wget or curl I get this: Awaiting your response.
  6. Hello, I need one help, I'm currently using WHMCS + VestaCP combination, everything seems to be working fine except for when I click on the "Login to control panel" button, it doesn't seem to be working from admin panel neither client area, it does redirect to the VestaCP login page but gives this error: I have tried removing and installing VestaCP plugin, tried fixing the credentials, tried changing PHP versions but nothing seems to make it work. Versions: WHMCS: 7.4.2 PHP: 7.0.33 VestaCP: 0.9.8 (Release 26) Expecting help 🙂
  7. At first when I registered the API, I copied the key from the email I received and pasted it directly in the config and waited till the next day for the CRON job to trigger and update it, it said failed, then I tried it in my browser from my personal laptop and it returned the results fine. What I'm trying to say is that I did not use the API ANYWHERE else before putting it in the config and letting the CRON run. For information, we use CloudFlare to proxy our company domains and WHMCS installation, and cURL is fully setup and running without any issues.
  8. I need help, I'm using USD as default currency and want to convert to PKR, I input all the required parameters correct still it says failed in the Activity Log. I have tried running the API through browser and it works fine and gives result but WHMCS is not working with it, help please.
  9. Thankyou Alex, This post resolved my issue and Affiliates system is now working, I created a test affiliates account and saw the AUTO_INCREMENT feature is working fine auto assigning the ID for each affiliate. can you tell me are these tables meant to be blank even after creating an affiliate? Because I'm not having any issue with affiliates system from the admin panel but in DB I see these tables are empty. tblaffiliatesaccounts tblaffiliateshistory tblaffiliatespending tblaffiliateswithdrawals
  10. Hello there Alex, Thanks for your reply, I have tried your solution but unfortunately it is not working. Here is what I get when I run the first query: I have attached a screenshot of my 'tblaffiliates' structure for your knowledge. Waiting for help 🙂
  11. Hello, We are facing a problem which is we do not have affiliate program enabled, previously we did and it worked perfectly fine. Here is a list of my versions: PHP: 7.0 WHMCS: 7.4.2 All required extensions for making WHMCS work are installed. CloudFlare CDN MySql Now we want to start our affiliate program once again, we went to General Settings -> Affiliates and enabled it there, no issues it said successful. When we tried to signup a test client having ID 1, it said account successfully created, but in the client profile it still said Activate as affiliate. Even after multiple attempts it did not work, but in client dashboard it did show the bonus balance. Tried enabling from Admin/Client Area but no luck. We tried to check our logs and the Database and found out that the table tblaffiliates is having multiple entries of Client ID 1, which was obvious because we tried it like 2-3 times to enable and it created multiple entries in tblaffiliates, which we know should not happen. Then we checked the other tables related to affiliates and they all were empty. This is what we gathered from our Activity Log So basically WHMCS is trying to to create an affiliate account but is assigning the ID 0 to it which makes sure there is some error in the system. Fixes we tried: Tried switching PHP versions. Tried enabling/disabling CloudFlare CDN. Tried removing duplicate values from tblaffiliates. (Restored them later) Tried enabling/disabling Affiliates module multiple times. Need help.
  12. Thanks for your swift reply, my versions are: PHP: 5.6.40 WHMCS: v7.4.2 Hotfix already installed and tried them all none works.
  13. I have tried the v7.4 hotfix and still it doesn't work, any help?
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