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  1. Hey there, next due date has been resolved after updating all the modules extensions that check on payments as well as custom cron job folder location which I can only recalled. While being said, i've collected several invoice data (those got complained on termination after paid) from my billing partner, It seems like not only our custom payment, but also involved default payment such as PayPal. It is getting odd though. 🤔
  2. Hello, It's almost half year, our customers complain on Paid Invoice getting terminated (Whether it is on time/due/suspended). It is not sure what causes it, the customer is increasing leading to increasing complains on service terminated (Which cannot be recovered) although that it has been paid. For example of Use Case: For Subscription A, due is on today and knowing termination date is 2 days after. I managed to paid it before termination date. However, the system still terminate my service on specified termination date. End of Use Case Known changes made last year: - Installed LiteSpeed Web Server. - Upgraded to php73 (from ea-php56 to ea-php73) of Apache + (Cloudlinux Uninstalled) - Updated CronJob accordingly for php73 [Note: I've also removed all custom hooks made to see if it is the causes, it doesn't seems like it] [Current version of WHMCS: 8.1.3 (Manual Update)] Modules Extension used: 1. ASPnix License Manager 2. Braintree Advacne Fraud Helper 3. Braintree Transaction Lookup 4. EunaRede Core (GA Ecommerce Tracking) Thank you. I try my best to give more details if needed.
  3. Yes that's right, its a third party gateway (Local country online merchant), they've developed one for WHMCS on 2017 as requested, which has not been updated could be the issue for this matter.
  4. Hello, currently we're using WHMCS 7.10.2 We've received a complaints for: - 2 Customers who has paid monthly recurring amount, but then getting suspended - This is because "next due date" not getting updated. (We've double-checked on payment portal, indeed the customer has paid) May I know what is the root cause behind this bug? Thanks!
  5. Guess what, you need to get your free coffee from me, I did double checking, but is done in phpmyadmin for the number of the total terminate services (based on next due date). It do make sense to me now (which I hardly get to know the reasoning) However (again), the number of terminate, are grouped in month and will be totalled (which is what we see now). I'll update this to another version, which can be seen in daily mode.
  6. Hi, this is the latest code that I'm using. Here's the result so far. This is when plus minus, for when only "Active" product vs "Terminate" products, I would ended up getting a large number of negative (Post Deduction). When I remove the active as filter for $products['active']['currentYear'], then the percentage of churn could be shown.
  7. Do you mind explain on the column for getting the number of termination? It was quite an interesting number figures from time to time after the updates from your output. Here I wanna share some research i've gotten recently from how some determine churn rate.
  8. On my end, using the latest code you've updated. I changed the following line (49) $products['active']['currentYear'] = Capsule::table('tblhosting')->whereYear('regdate', '=', $year)->where('domainstatus', 'Active')->whereNotIn('billingcycle', ['One Time', 'Completed', 'Free Account'])->groupBy($groupBy)->pluck(Capsule::raw('count(id) as total'), Capsule::raw('date_format(`regdate`, "%c") as month')); TO $products['active']['currentYear'] = Capsule::table('tblhosting')->whereYear('regdate', '=', $year)->whereNotIn('billingcycle', ['One Time', 'Completed', 'Free Account'])->groupBy($groupBy)->pluck(Capsule::raw('count(id) as total'), Capsule::raw('date_format(`regdate`, "%c") as month')); Without "->where('domainstatus', 'Active')". From here I was able to get the churn rate percentage already for all row. Reason for why i remove it, it is because we want to also know how many actual number of Service hosted (Even it is not active anymore). Then perform some kind of plus minus. Extra situation/use case we're trying to achieve: At the end of the day, say that the latest one is August 2020 in Churn_Rate Report, I should be able to tally the latest number of Products with the total Active Products/Services in WHMCS->Clients->Products/Services->Filter Status to Active. Hopefully this is clear
  9. Yes the number in my case was correct for the year when it was started, (2012), March up until August, but then there is no terminated value anymore after august 2012. This leads to only an increment of products without termination after august just like i mentioned above just to recap. I can only confirm the value for when it is started is correct until august. I am looking at the code too and tested on WHMCS.
  10. Update: I do notice that, the amount of product do not start with small number when this hosting company just started, where the report generated was showing a large number (thousands) of active product. For example, Started on March 2012 (8 years back where this hosting was started) has only few customer use our services maybe like less than hundreds but the report showing thousands of active services instead. Another case is that, in 2020, the reports surely will generate until this August. However, for the past year, it stops calculating churn on august as well
  11. You're really a gearhead. After taking a look and using this to view on my end. I would like to know for the total [At the end of the month] Such that as in the picture above, On January, 23 total at the end of the month On Feb, 24 at the end of the month, - There is no plus minus on Feb, since 1 new and 1 terminate, how does it being 24. Maybe there is a reason for it which I was left out. - The same goes for March as well however. Next one would be, - I think the active service for Jan, isn't supposed to be 1, or could be more (which has been terminated) - I'm guessing that this has filtered the actual number of active service on Jan. I am thinking of (actual number of service activated) should be representing it there? Instead of (Current status of the service) that particular month. Psst. Correct me if I am wrong. 😄
  12. Here is the case study which I hope may be clearer to picture it out.
  13. Following terminated on (respectively): Product A Feb Product B Feb Product C Mar But the queries record/count the terminated services on January itself (From the month where it began to Active), Supposedly, it should record/count the terminated services on respective month (For the month when it was terminated on)
  14. Seems good in which comes close to what i've did previously. However, it comes to a part where -> Product A was subscribed on January 2020, but was terminated on March 2020 do not count in. Which means, if it was terminated on March 2020, it should be counted in March 2020. This got my nerves impulse wrecking
  15. Has anyone able to get an insights for acknowledging their hosting churn rate? I have been appointed to fetch and output daily/month/yearly churn-rate for hosting services. I do take a look and queries WHMCS's database 'tblhosting', count number of services and count a services that has been terminated. But I am stuck to the fact that i have no idea joining same table. Basically, Services Churn Rate (daily/monthly/yearly) = Total of terminated services in (any daily/monthly/yearly) / Total of active services in (any daily/monthly/yearly) I hope this also become a feature to give more insights within WHMCS. I will easily get to know what action should be taken to retain active services.
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