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  1. Hello, We are attempting to switch our long run php version 5.6 used for few years. recently opted to switch it to php 7.3. Current WHMCS version -> 7.10.1 We checked PHP Version Compatibility There are like 190+ of encoded files that is incompatible with 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 Checked ioncube loader was on version 10.3.9 We tried to switch the php version, what happened next was error and blank page. Had to roll back to php 5.6. In what way & measure that we should take note to switch properly?
  2. I don't have much of saying, but it was due to port 3306 not enabled for public remote access. Have it turned on and now it is accessible.
  3. Hello, I have a question on how to connect to hosted website whmcs database on my local pc, I am using MySQL Workbench, MySQL Query Browser to connect to cPanel database. Usually for a normal website database I am able to connect peacefully, but for whmcs it's on the other way round. For WHMCS, I filled in the hostname based on ip, username, password, and database name correctly but still doesn't let me. Is there a specific encryption or accessibility to grant user to connect whmcs database? Thank you!
  4. Very true! I will take note on this 🤣 The text "Dedicated IP:" floating around with no value in web hosting.
  5. Thanks for the courage trying the others ! I've intentionally use others as well Hook : ICPE, InvoiceCreation, and InvoiceCreated. [I get the idea of them are being triggered by cron] These InvoiceCreation and InvoiceCreated are for having for when a cron generate and update the description having an IP for next coming invoice [Renewal]. *will remove one of them They're working.. Both having the same codes and appended an dedicated IP onto invoices description in WHMCS. [Results : two IPs appended in description] Here's the code : However, when it comes to an Invoice of two/multiple items, the dedicated IP of item 1 will be shown on item 2's description as well. Basically there's involve loop of array here and my variable $relidno doesn't get to fetch the next one. So I comes up with a another code with a loop structure fetching for next relid. The no ip shown hmmmm interesting in this case.
  6. Sorry for dumb question. Is InvoiceCreationPreEmail not related to viewinvoice.tpl ? Such that viewinvoice.tpl carry a array variable $invoiceitems... https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks-reference/invoices-and-quotes/#invoicecreationpreemail I am not sure where I can debug for InvoiceCreationPreEmail
  7. I've finally adapted laravel db query syntax other than standard sql. 😁 I get to update the tblinvoiceitems->description However, in this case. It just a normal viewinvoice event hook. I might change to InvoiceCreationPreEmail as youve mentioned. Here's my code unoptimized version : 1. Beforehand, pls create new db table, tblflagPaid (id (Primary Key Auto Increment) , relid (int), status (varchar) ) tblflagPaid consist of column named 'relid' where in tblhosting is named (id) and tblinvoiceitems is named (relid). [ id in tblhosting == relid ] For status, it's up to you for what datatype to be kept. In my case I just leave it varchar holds an empty value. Hope someone can optimized it
  8. May I assume that this can be done using the following hook as in https://docs.whmcs.com/Billing_Logic#Renewal_Invoices ? I am confused for which add_hook type for this purpose. Plus that I am not sure which www.yourdomain.com/system/templatefile.tpl I can debug with to verify. Could it still be viewinvoice.tpl ? Thanks ❤️
  9. So far I've hooked dedicated ip from tblhosting to viewinvoice.tpl and is assigned to paid services accordingly. What I'm trying to figure out : -> To show dedicated ip assigned in WHMCS Billing for -> Where you can view dedicated ip in the description as well. ( To help our billing member search for dedicated ip to be cancelled at ease by looking at customer's invoice items in WHMCS->Billing) For example : What is in my mind : How do I query the database tblhosting [dedicatedip] into WHMC->Billing->Invoices->Any customer's Invoice id description as shown above ? As far as I know, WHMCS admin .php file is encoded where we do not able to edit. Hopefully and I believe there is a way to append to show the dedicated ip !
  10. Welcome to WHMCS.Community leeyondking! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.

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