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  1. Hi brian, thanks for your feedback, its not working, it still showed US as default country
  2. I really need this one pls, can someone help me out ?
  3. yes , so actually i dont need more to change the default country, i see this topic : i need like this one, i need a hook or something else so i can change the $country so the taxes can change is that possible ?
  4. Can someone pls help me out ? Thank you
  5. Hello Guys, I have a question, i am using Multibrand module, so i want to specify for each brand a taxe, so i want if i can set default country for each domain (brand) To clarify things : Default country configured is USA, i am in spain domain brand (using Multibrand module), so the default country doesn't change it still USA (thats make sens of course), so here i want to change the default country session in this brand (domain), can someone help to create a hook to change default country using domain name (brand). thank you
  6. hello; yes you right, its good, thank you so much
  7. Hello Guys, I have an issue when i want to upgrade the config option price, see the image in screenshots, the product price setting 0, and the configoption price is 50.32/qty, but when i am trying to upgrade i got wrong price Can someone pls help me out
  8. @Brian How can i change the polish pls ? thank you again
  9. Can you pls just show me how to create this hook pls Thank you
  10. This is what i got, its null $paymentmethod Value Origin: "Smarty object" null
  11. the problem exist in every template even the six template, and the variable still there in template, i have checked the domaindetails template, and they are the same, in domaindetails its displayed, but in proudctdetails not
  12. It's related to all products, and in the payment gateway is still there and active
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