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  1. Jacksharkben

    Having it where clients have to renew

    so I just tried that and it seems that it doesn't restart the 30-day timer just keeps it going. to 0
  2. Jacksharkben


    I thought of that but I use the https://pterodactyl.io/ game panel and they only have an addon for WHMCS. Edit: I looked into it more and it looks cool but I already have people using the pterodactyl panel. If this can't be done. That's fine ill have to find a new way around.
  3. Jacksharkben


    I run a free hosting for game servers and I need a special addon to be made for the billing panel.So the panel will renew the service every month automatically and I want to have an addon that will change that.here's how it would work after a user rents a server there will be a time in this format(day) : (hour) : (minute) : (second) and there will be a button next to it called restart it would restart the timer back to 30 days or 30 : 00 : 00 : 00 then if it hits 00:00:00:00 an email will be sent saying the service is suspended and they need to hit renew. the grace time would be 5 days in suspended more after that the server gets terminated. also, an email gets sent after each stage (active, suspended, terminated,)
  4. Jacksharkben

    Having it where clients have to renew

    how could I get this made in a custom addon?
  5. Jacksharkben

    Having it where clients have to renew

    I cant get whmcs to allow promo codes after you buy. how do I set it up?
  6. Jacksharkben

    Having it where clients have to renew

    would this addon do the trick? https://www.modulesgarden.com/products/whmcs/hosting-renewals#annual-license
  7. Jacksharkben

    Having it where clients have to renew

    every month they have to renew it by clicking renew or anyway that's not auto or with me doing it by hand.
  8. So I have a free product and I want to make it so clients have to renew the product every month to keep it. And I dont know how to do that any ideas?
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