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  1. Hello, I also want to test, do you know if there is a module? thank you in advance
  2. Hello, I come to you because I use Stripe for card payments, I notice that WHMCS saves credit cards, the problem, cannot make a payment when the card is registered, we have to remove the bank card to make it work payment by card. Can you tell me if there is an option in WHMCS which allows not to save credit card numbers. thank you in advance for your help
  3. Hello, Thank you for your feedback, I want to use the Checkout version because we have too much problem with the version included in WHMCS, some customers have to process the payment several times before the payment works. I prefer that customers put credit card information directly to Stripe. thank you in advance
  4. Hello, I am coming to you to find out if there is the Stripe Checkout payment module for WHMCS : https://stripe.com/docs/payments/checkout After several days of research, it was impossible to find. thank you in advance
  5. Hello, I am coming to you to find out if it is possible to have an order validation only if the payment is valid in the basket? We have orders and never have payment. thank you in advance
  6. Hello, Perfect, many thanks to you, it works perfectly. Do you know how to get the name of the addon in the mails. cordially
  7. Hello, Thank you for your feedback, we have created custom fields for the product addons. For example : - Username - Password After which we created an email for sending the information. The problem we encounter in the email is that we do have the username and password, but we don't have the name of the custom field, our client will not understand. thank you in advance
  8. Hello, I am coming to you after setting up an email for addons. {foreach from=$service_custom_fields item=customfield} {$customfield} {/foreach} Cannot have the name of custom fields. We obtain : {$customfield} : {$customfield} : {$customfield} Thank you in advance for your help.
  9. Hello, Yes indeed, we have exactly the Client Verification addon. cordially
  10. Hello, Thank you for your feedback and for the advice, you have helped us, we have found the module that is causing the problem. Many thanks to you, really
  11. Hello, Thanks for your feedback, I searched the files and couldn't find a file with the AfterShoppingCartCheckout function. Unable to know if it comes from a module or not, the files are encrypted. cordially
  12. Hello, I am coming to you following a problem with the order basket, during the validation of the order basket in the last step, we have an error as you can see in the attachment, we have done the test with several payment methods . Impossible to understand why. Thank you in advance for your advice and for your help.
  13. Hello, I am coming to you following a question, I would like to activate the connection button in the shopping cart. I am on WHMCS 8, impossible to activate it, I checked in the template and there is the code which allows the connection in the basket. thank you in advance
  14. htaccess Hello, I am coming to you following a server overload problem caused by robots loading the same page hundreds of times per second. I want to know if it is possible using the htaccess file to send them home to overload their own server. Currently I temporarily put on the htaccess file : RedirectPermanent /login https://destinataire.com I want to replace the destination link with the visitor's ip. Thank you in advance for the help and your advice
  15. Hello, Thank you for your feedback, the goal is to be able to select a template according to the client to connect or not. This makes it possible to have a showcase site under whmcs on the domain.com link and to have the customer area on domaine.com/portail/ This is also why I asked if it is possible to do the automatic addition of the portal in the link if the client is connected. cordially
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