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  1. Hello, When editing whois information on domains (any registrar module) the Country contains of country code 2 letters - as you can se on attachment photo - Country: BA, instead of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It would be more user friendly for customers to have dropdown countrylist as this allready is a function in WHMCS. As it is now if they type countryname in english or other language it would just generate a error. country=Country Code should be a valid ISO two letter code like IN for India. This would make customer upset as they then have to find out via google or other means what the two letter ISO code is. In administration section this option working fine, but this problem is just in clienat area. Someone find fix for this issue? Please, help me. Ticket, request, opened one year before by other WHMCS user: https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/country-dropdown-list-when-editing-whois-information Admin section: Client area: Thank you! Regards
  2. In my previous post you can find resolution. It's not server side issue, you can reach execution time to ... unlimited but WHMCS 8.1 will never open. 🙂 This topic can be closed. Thank you.
  3. Hello, Thank you for reply. Problem isn't on server side, problem is in upgrade to WHMCS 8.1 if you are using WHMCS from version older than 6... Problem with template. Regards
  4. Hello, I have identical problem after upgrade to WHMCS 8.1 - now I can't access to WHMCS! Everything working fine on older WHMCS versions. I'am using cPanel.... Anyone have resolution??? Thank you
  5. Hello, Today i started recommended upgrade to WHMCS version 8.1 but after that I have problem - WHMCS stop to work after upgrade, I can't access to adminstration section anymore.... All time my browser trying to load WHMCS ... after some time i get error on server abut execution maximum memory on server and I can see CPU get to 100%... Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 300 seconds exceeded in /home/hostio/public_html/whmcs/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/View/Template/CompatUtil.php on line 0 I have try with rising up PHP limits, Apache and Mysql restart....but without results. Please, anyone have instructions how to solve this problem with WHMCS 8.1? Thank you! Regards
  6. Hello, I have problem with WHMCS domain name encoding, when I try to register domain with special characters (eg. ä) whmcs register domain name with standard characters (a) on eNom. Whmcs shows name with special characters but when try to register with eNom they convert to normal characters. You need to know IDN support is enabled on WHMCS. Anyone have experiences with this? Any help will be great! Regards
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