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  1. Karush

    display domain checker on custom page

    and one more question can I display the price list of domains on a custom page, if so, how
  2. Karush

    display domain checker on custom page

    already made thank you very much but can I use these arrays or not
  3. Karush

    display domain checker on custom page

    I'm just a novice and not really good at it
  4. Karush

    display domain checker on custom page

    But how can I deduce in this way how on the main there are some restrictions?
  5. Hello everyone, I created a new page, but I can’t display the form for finding a domain on it. This form is displayed only on the main page. What should I do? {if $registerdomainenabled || $transferdomainenabled} <form method="post" class="domain-search-form" action="domainchecker.php" id="frmDomainHomepage"> <input type="hidden" name="transfer" /> <input type="text" name="domain" placeholder="{$LANG.exampledomain}" autocapitalize="none" data-toggle="tooltip" data-placement="left" data-trigger="manual" title="{lang key='orderForm.required'}"> {* <input type="submit" value="Поиск">*} {if $registerdomainenabled} <input type="submit" class="btn search{$captcha->getButtonClass($captchaForm)}" value="{$LANG.search}" /> {/if} {include file="$template/includes/captcha.tpl"} </form> {/if}
  6. Hi, all can I check whmcs knowledgebase category page using url and $template
  7. Karush

    why files in this folder

    ok thanks a lot and one more question how can I make explode like in php
  8. Всем привет помогите узнать почему файлы в этой папке я могу их изменить templates_c
  9. Hi, why the files in this folder can I change them.Thanks

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