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  1. Hello guys, I would like to know if you could help me with a question within the client area. I made a change Login to cPanel & Webmail on Client Product Details, but I verified that Quick Shortcuts keeps the links. How can I modify these links to the links that work? I know it's here ... /modules/servers/cpanel/templates/overview.tpl In the case of this link "clientarea.php?action=productdetails&id={$serviceid}&dosinglesignon=1&app=Email_Accounts" how can I convert it to enter a and not through the server http: //example.com:2083/cpsess0196797533/frontend/paper_lantern/email_accounts/ and not through the server.
  2. ThePolovsky

    How can I retain one more value

    What I mean is that in the case of companies we have to retain 9.2% of the value. Withholding 9.2% means that this amount will not be paid immediately, but the company will have to hand it over to the government. I will give an example below: A service costs 45 € with VAT included; 6,86 € is VAT 38.14 € is the price without VAT. So whmcs has to withhold -4.14 € from 45 € and the customer would only pay 40.86 because it withheld 4.14 €.
  3. ThePolovsky

    How can I retain one more value

    hi guys, I need help with a situation. I charge a final price to my client, but for customer-company I have to hold 9.2% of the value for the customer to deliver state. As I created a "Custom Customer Fields" where I ask if it is business customer to select. I would like to know if it is possible for customers who select this option to retain automatically 9.2% on all generated invoices.
  4. Hi guys, I would like to report a problem I am having with VAT calculation on whmcs 7.8.3. I am using the "Inclusive Tax - prices are entered including tax" at the rate of 18.00%, but the WHMCS is miscalculating VAT. For example: 18% of 45 it calculates 6.86, but it is 8.10 and is supposed to be subtotaling and not totaling. How can I resolve this issue? Can someone help me? Thank you
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