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  1. Go to Setup > General Settings > Ordering tab Uncheck the following. Monthly Pricing Breakdown Tick this box to enable monthly pricing breakdown for recurring terms on the order form Hope that works?
  2. Make sure you have uploaded all files contained in the zip file you downloaded from WHMCS client area site. The install folder should be included as well which should redirect you automatically if it exists I believe...
  3. Isn't easier to create and provide a coupon code to the clients that experienced the downtime? Anyway, the below might help. The other more advanced users may do it differently though. To find out the total of a specific product each Client has: select userid as `User ID`, packageid as `Package ID`, count(tblhosting.packageid) as `Total #` from tblhosting where packageid='1' group by tblhosting.userid Once you have a list of how many of a specific package each user has, you can go to tblcredit table and add the credits in manually (assuming you don't have TOO many). If there's a lot, hopefully someone else can chime in...
  4. Technically, it didn't miss anything over 1 month old. If it doesn't generate the invoice(s), it means it's already been generated unless you deleted them manually. If that's not the case, try settings the next due date to a different date, save, and change it to the original expiry date, save again. Try generate due invoice again and see if that fixes the issue.
  5. This is normal. You need to do a search under Transactions instead.
  6. First off, let me explain how our company is using WHMCS. We're NOT using it to bill Clients but rather to serve as an accounting system for internal purposes. We have a list of Clients but they're more like internal BUs. Then within each Client/BU, we've got Services and Domains that belong to them. Within each Service or Domain, we have setup Custom Fields for Vendor which is what vendor this Service or Domain belongs to. Everything works as required however we are currently keeping track of Vendor credits on a spreadsheet and we'd like it integrated to WHMCS as a module. I've got somewhat of an idea how we want this to look. 1. Setup a new payment method. i.e. Vendor Store Credit 2. When we pay an invoice with this payment method, it will auto update the module and deduct the amount from that particular Vendor Store Credit's module 3. In reverse, a refund to an Invoice should add to the Vendor's credit balance Module: 1. We should be able to add Vendor as we please to track credits for multiple vendors 2. We should be able to add/edit the starting balance for each Vendor 3. We should be able to add an entry ourselves for each Vendor since we often top up credits for our Vendors Display a chart of the following columns: Transaction ID (pulled from invoice's transaction id) Type (whether it's a Top Up, Order or Refund) Date (date of Transaction pulled from tblaccount's date) Amount (whether it's a + or -) Account Balance (remaining balance) Notes (Invoice # and description of the service/domain pulled from tblinvoiceitems) 4. Dropdown for us to select the Vendor Credits that we want to view This is just a rough idea of what we'd like to see as a start. Let me know if this is something you'd like to tackle and the cost to develop this.
  7. Hi Kian, Can you please let me know what this does? I added this hook but I didn't notice any changes.
  8. Yes, but even with that requires a bit of investigation to find out the Invoice ID. If you do a search using the Trans ID, the 'Added Invoice Payment ' log does not come up hence why it would be helpful to have that included.
  9. Hi, If a Transaction is deleted, is there anyway to have to include the Invoice # (and the amount?) that was associated for that Transaction in Activity Logs? Right now, it only includes something like this: Deleted Transaction - Transaction ID: 1558 This is not very helpful... I know it's very bad practice to delete a Transaction but the reason I ask for this feature is because I can't control what our employees so sometimes mistakes are made. Is there a hook for this?
  10. If you're creating configurable options and attaching the products to them, you should create your Options as dropdowns instead.
  11. Guys...thank you so much for working on this. I have been doing this the excel way for a few months now. Then I saw this and added it to our collection of reports. I am just cross checking our numbers for Domains but it doesn't look like it's showing the right count. I haven't looked at Products/Services yet but that'll be next. It'll be nice too if we can filter by Product Groups. Anyhow, back to Domains. I've got a total of 1402 Active domains but it's showing 1411 as of today. I am not sure why that is or if I missed anything. I should mention I have 2 domains in Transferred Away status and 19 marked as Cancelled but even with that, numbers don't add up... THANK YOU!
  12. Thanks a lot for this! I had to add php in the beginning though. <?php
  13. In your Invoices page (Billing > Invoices), do a search in Line Item Description for the keyword 'renew'. Results should show all invoices that pertains to renewals. As for # of how many are paid vs unpaid, do the same search as above and use the Status to search for Paid and Unpaid invoices. It will tell you the total # for each.
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