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  1. Hello, The Password Generator in whmcs I'm registration page is not working . When we click on Password Generator it doesn't open a window or doesn't do anything. Whmcs version 7.10.2 , template WebHoster. Anyone can help ?
  2. I am using whmcs 7.10.2 and in my server I have installed WHMReseller , packages of reseller in my server are made with WHMReseller.
  3. Hey Buddies , sir I am using webhoster whmcs template and it has custom pages in template like shared_hosting.php , reseller_hosting.php , so sir I want to only index these pages on Google and I want to hide or I don't want to index cart.php page in google like cart.php?gid=1 etc. I want to hide cart.php from search engines and I want to show only that template files like shared_hosting.php etc. Anyone can tell me how can I do this ?
  4. Hello , I am facing too much issues with WHMCS I tried to create a reseller from whmcs , and it's been created in my server and working but in whmcs it shows - _setupreseller tried to make a reseller out of a reseller when a normal user was expected.
  5. Hello Sir, I am facing too much issues with Paytm Payment Gateway for WHMCS, Sir Actually I Integrated Paytm payment gateway with whmcs and when I checked paying then it redirect me to payment page then I pay money but after paying it redirects me to invoice and invoice shows Unpaid . Paytm Payment GateWay is also installed on my another website and its working fine but in new website it create invoice unpaid issue. In my old website whmcs is installed on /public_html and it's working fine but in new website whmcs is installed in /public_html/core folder and it's not working , after paying invoice shows Unpaid. I researched a lot on Google and now I am totally tired off , please someone tell me solution .
  6. I want to hide my whmcs pages like cart.php and etc in Google search. WHMCS is installed in /client folder in my website and the homepage and etc. Pages are HTML so I want to Hide WHMCS pages from Google search. How can I hide
  7. Hello Sir I found a issue in whmcs , I didn't know this issue is only with my whmcs or with all whmcs. In My Server I am Selling Master Reseller Hosting and Alpha Reseller Hosting through WHMReseller Plugin in my server. But when someone order it from my site and I accept that order from my whmcs , when I click on Accept then it creates his cpanel and WHM in my server but in whmcs it shows it is already exists in server.
  8. Hello Sir , I want to know how to auto accept order ? Like a customer visited my site and ordered hosting and after he paid and payment is successful then his service will automatically shows active in his clientarea and his cpanel account will be created in my server I mean to say that how to automate it ? Manually I have to click on accept to Active service and create his cpanel account in my server. Please note that I already configured product in whmcs " auto accept order as soon as first payment received " , but it won't work. I also used JetServer Auto Accept order hook but it accept only shared hosting orders and create Thier cpanel cpanel in my server but it won't work properly with reseller hosting , with reseller hosting it gives many bugs like it doesn't auto accept reseller hosting products , sometime it auto accept and create account in my server but in whmcs it still shows pending , and sometime when I accept reseller hosting clients product then it create Thier cpanel and WHM account in my server but after loading it shows account already exists in server. So I want a hook or any idea so that I can accept reseller hosting clients also.
  9. Hey Sir , I want to add Free WHMCS Licence addon in my VPS Server Product In Only Monthly Billing Cycle . Anyone can tell how to add it ?
  10. Hey Dudes ! I want to know that how can I set auto accept order in my whmcs. Like Someone Ordered Hosting from My Site and he paid and at the right time his service will be activated and product service activation mail sent to him. I tired jetserver auto backup hook , but it works in only shared hosting , it doesn't works in reseller hosting. anyone please give me solution.
  11. Dear Sir My WHMCS Got Hacked Today ! Actually , a client placed a order for shared hosting and paid for it ! When I woke up today and checked his order in whmcs I saw no order found and when I checked transactions then transaction shows but client name not shows and when I go to that invoice I'd it shows no invoice and when I checked my email , I received an email shows an invalid login attempt of admin from username root. I checked Logs and I saw these logs - Created Client viral patel - User ID: 259 Client Deleted - ID: 259 Single sign-on Completed: 'Hostt' - Server ID: 1 Server Modified: 'HostBet' - Changes: Password Modified - Server ID: 1 all of these logs are from ' local ' user I checked whmcs but I did not found any local or root administrator. anyone please help me.
  12. Hello Guys , I upgraded my WHMCS from 7.4.2 To 7.8.3 But After Updating Site is Working Fine But Admin Panel Shows Blank , i tried to install whmcs without upgrading my old database and it's working fine . Means When I Upgrade My Old WHMCS 7.4.2 To 7.8.3 Then It Shows Blank Admin Panel , But When I Install Directly 7.8.3 Without an Upgrade or without backing up my old database then it's working fine.. Please Help , I want to upgrade with my old database of 7.4.2
  13. Hey Dear Sir , I updated my whmcs to latest version and update is complete , site is working dine but admin panel not working , when I open admin panel means example.com/admin I am opening this and login page shows when I login it shows a blank page nothing on it full blank page. I think my old database not suitable for latest version of whmcs. Any one please give me solution.
  14. Hey sir , I am facing an error I am facing error Unexpected Payment method value. Existing. This error is only in invoice page , I tried to order a new product and clicked on checkout and it's working it's redirecting me to payment gateway but in invoice page it's not showing Payment Options , I have total 3 payments gateways in whmcs but in invoice page payment gateway shows only one which I selected , also ' Pay ' option not showing on invoice page.
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