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  1. Hello, I have applied for a RazorPay account few days ago to start accepting payments from various payment methods In india. But they're asking so many documents, They have asked me to provide AOC for PCi-DSS Compliance i have said i don't have this document. Now they're asking me AOC for PCI-DSS or SLA with WHMCS along with AOC of WHMCS Please someone can tell me from where i can get these? I have attached screenshot of the mail i have recieved from RazorPay. i have asked some buddies on Facebook who are using RazorPay, they said they have created account 1-2 years ago and RazorPay haven't asked these and some of them said that call to RazorPay they'll proceed without this but due to Work from Home they do not have any call support right now. Please someone tell me from where i can get SLA with WHMCS along with AOC of WHMCS. I'll be thankful to everyone.
  2. Hello Everyone, I want to mail all my clients who are having atleast 1 active services since more than atleast 1 month. Is there any method to do this? Actually i want to send an email to my all users to submit review regarding our website the client must have atleast 1 active service and must using since more than 1 month. Thanks.
  3. I have root access sir, it's my own VPS. I have tried to execute the PHP file, it took less than 2 second to execute and it doesn't show any output but in WHMCS Automation Setup it shows that cron ran 3-4 seconds ago but the issue isn't fixed.
  4. Yes Am Using cPanel. I have updated the cron but i want to keep &> /dev/null Because the cron sends email every time it runs and it become issue because so many emails. Second thing, if i updated the cron then issue will solve when daily cron run or it will fix when 5 minute cron runs?
  5. WHMCS Version : 8.1.3 Php version : ea-php 7.3 Cron Command ( Runs Every 5 Minute ) : php -q /home/myhosting/cronerplhash/cron.php &> /dev/null
  6. Hello, I've getting an very strange issue. Generally, whenever daily cron runs in your WHMCS you will get mail about how many invoice generated , late fees added etc. But in my case, Daily Cron runs properly, it generated invoices , it generated late fees and does all the things but the issue is it doesn't provide me correct information. In the email, it gives me everything 0. Invoices generated 0 , late fees added 0 everything 0 but in real, it isn't 0. It gives me wrong details. In WHMCS Admin Panel Automation Overview, it also gives me 0. Anyone can help me in this case ?
  7. i got one reseller today, he's using WHMCS cracked version. He cracked himself and he said it's so easy. I think in some days most of the people will shift to cracked licenses or shift to other alternatives then WHMCS will say Cracked Licenses are not safe , they can access your server bla bla bla without thinking that most of the people know this many years ago. and they're the creator of these types of cracked licenses, if they do not increase price and keep the price suitable for every kind of person then no one purchases cracked licenses. It's common, if you increase your software price too much then obviously people will start cracking it and selling it because they will think if this software price is 1000$ and we will sell it in even 10$ we can make 1000-2000$
  8. That's what am saying! It's better to build an billing system from your own way. Senseless to pay 1299$ monthly for an billing system. In this amount you can develop a simple system, in oru country India salary for a developer is less so that we can develop such systems in very less price. and also WHMCS Module developers can develop same billing system like WHMCS. It's like I'm going to rent an server of 40 euro and the provider says pay 4000 euro monthly.
  9. Great it is done. Now any idea how to set login information hook? I want to add that login information option to clientarea. Which shows client status , last logged in date , last login IP and last login location and a button , you can check the screenshot i attached . and if you can't tell then atleast tell me how can i get last logged in IP and account status and how can i display it to client like shown in the screenshot
  10. No sir, this is a screenshot of another site they're having this feature that the Credit hook will show only in clientarea page. I have that credit hook but i want that the hook only display in clientarea page , if user go to services page or billing page or any other page then the hook shouldn't load . Please tell me how can i do this
  11. Hello i have an hook, i want to load/show that hook only on client area home page and on the top of Your Info box. I have attached and screenshot showing where i want to show my hook, i want to show at the top of Your Info and Login Information option. But want to show only on client area home page. I have attached my current code, can you please correct my code to show hook only on clientarea home page. Here is code : <?php /** * Display Client's Credit Balance in Client Area * * @author WHMCMS * @link www.whmcms.com * @since WHMCS v6.0.0+ */ use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item as MenuItem; use Illuminate\Database\Capsule\Manager as Capsule; # Add Balance To Sidebar add_hook('ClientAreaPrimarySidebar', 1, function(MenuItem $primarySidebar){ $filename = basename($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], ".php"); $parseFile = explode('.', $filename); $client = Menu::context("client"); $clientid = intval($client->id); if ($parseFile['0']!=='clientarea' || $clientid===0){ return; } $primarySidebar->addChild('Client-Balance', array( 'label' => "Available Credit", 'uri' => '#', 'order' => '1', 'icon' => 'fa-money' )); # Get Currency $getCurrency = Capsule::table('tblcurrencies')->where('id', $client->currency)->get(); # Retrieve the panel we just created. $balancePanel = $primarySidebar->getChild('Client-Balance'); // Move the panel to the end of the sorting order so it's always displayed // as the last panel in the sidebar. $balancePanel->moveToBack(); $balancePanel->setOrder(0); # Add Balance. $balancePanel->addChild('balance-amount', array( 'uri' => 'clientarea.php?action=addfunds', 'label' => '<h4 style="text-align:center;">'.$getCurrency['0']->prefix.$client->credit.' '. $getCurrency['0']->suffix.'</h4>', 'order' => 1 )); $balancePanel->setFooterHtml( '<a href="clientarea.php?action=addfunds" class="btn btn-success btn-sm btn-block"> <i class="fa fa-plus"></i> Add Funds </a>' ); });
  12. I don't want to launch it for money and i don't want to launch it. I want to build for my own, my personal use.
  13. No sense to move to another alternative. That alternative will also increase price after some months or years then start looking for another alternative. Shifting again and again is not good. I was using WHMCS and cPanel from many years. First cPanel increased their price and now WHMCS, now it is totally out of my budget. When i seen WHMCS Price hike, me to whmcs and cPanel : no , take my company and leave me alone -_- First they attract us fir lower price and then suddenly increase the price. No individual want to pay that much money -_- So now i am thinking to build my own billing system and control panel because these providers are thinking they will ask us for 1000$ and we give ? No way! We build our own way.
  14. Sir you increased price a lot and a lot. some indivisual providers can't afford that because maybe their total earning of the month is lower or half of the WHMCS License Price. i was using WHMCS from many years, but now i think i have to leave it. cPanel Price increased and WHMCS price also increased. nothing is left for us. Maybe Plesk will also increase price in few months. then nothing will left for us. Now i'm thinking to invest some time and create a person billing system and a personal control panel. You providers are thinking you will ask us for 1000$ and we give? No way ! we create our way then when the provider started looting us ! it's not correct to first attract people for lower price and then suddenly increase price.
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