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  1. I don't want to launch it for money and i don't want to launch it. I want to build for my own, my personal use.
  2. No sense to move to another alternative. That alternative will also increase price after some months or years then start looking for another alternative. Shifting again and again is not good. I was using WHMCS and cPanel from many years. First cPanel increased their price and now WHMCS, now it is totally out of my budget. When i seen WHMCS Price hike, me to whmcs and cPanel : no , take my company and leave me alone -_- First they attract us fir lower price and then suddenly increase the price. No individual want to pay that much money -_- So now i am thinking to build my own billing system and control panel because these providers are thinking they will ask us for 1000$ and we give ? No way! We build our own way.
  3. Sir you increased price a lot and a lot. some indivisual providers can't afford that because maybe their total earning of the month is lower or half of the WHMCS License Price. i was using WHMCS from many years, but now i think i have to leave it. cPanel Price increased and WHMCS price also increased. nothing is left for us. Maybe Plesk will also increase price in few months. then nothing will left for us. Now i'm thinking to invest some time and create a person billing system and a personal control panel. You providers are thinking you will ask us for 1000$ and we give? No way ! we create our way then when the provider started looting us ! it's not correct to first attract people for lower price and then suddenly increase price.
  4. Hello, I want to ask some questions regarding affiliate. Is Affiliate Commission is One Time Commission ? Like any customer will sell a product through affiliate then does he get Commission only one time or whenever the buyer renews the product then affiliate get commission? if it's lifetime then is there any option to set it to one time
  5. Hello everybody, I want to enable a specific tax for a specific payment gateway. Like if PayPal Payment Gateway is selected then 3.99% Fees will be added and if PayTM is Selected then 1.99% Fees will be added. and also apply a specific tax to domains. Like if my client orders a domain then a tax of 18% will be added to the invoice . Anyone can tell me how to do this
  6. Hello Buddies, On 09-08-2020 I moved my whmcs main site to my personal vps where I installed CyberPanel. but mistakenly after moving I haven't checked automation and after 10 days I shocked because in 10 days I haven't received any payment. I go to my whmcs and I see that in 10 days no invoice is generated and then I go to automation setting and I saw Cron is not running 😞 WTF ! So if I run Cron now then past invoice 09-08-2020 to 19-08-2020 will generate or not ?
  7. Hello , I installed Virtualizor On WHMCS. But it's not working. Showing nothing. Just empty. Anyone can tell me how to solve this. Screenshot attached.
  8. Hello, The Password Generator in whmcs I'm registration page is not working . When we click on Password Generator it doesn't open a window or doesn't do anything. Whmcs version 7.10.2 , template WebHoster. Anyone can help ?
  9. I am using whmcs 7.10.2 and in my server I have installed WHMReseller , packages of reseller in my server are made with WHMReseller.
  10. Hey Buddies , sir I am using webhoster whmcs template and it has custom pages in template like shared_hosting.php , reseller_hosting.php , so sir I want to only index these pages on Google and I want to hide or I don't want to index cart.php page in google like cart.php?gid=1 etc. I want to hide cart.php from search engines and I want to show only that template files like shared_hosting.php etc. Anyone can tell me how can I do this ?
  11. Hello , I am facing too much issues with WHMCS I tried to create a reseller from whmcs , and it's been created in my server and working but in whmcs it shows - _setupreseller tried to make a reseller out of a reseller when a normal user was expected.
  12. Hello Sir, I am facing too much issues with Paytm Payment Gateway for WHMCS, Sir Actually I Integrated Paytm payment gateway with whmcs and when I checked paying then it redirect me to payment page then I pay money but after paying it redirects me to invoice and invoice shows Unpaid . Paytm Payment GateWay is also installed on my another website and its working fine but in new website it create invoice unpaid issue. In my old website whmcs is installed on /public_html and it's working fine but in new website whmcs is installed in /public_html/core folder and it's not working , after paying invoice shows Unpaid. I researched a lot on Google and now I am totally tired off , please someone tell me solution .
  13. I want to hide my whmcs pages like cart.php and etc in Google search. WHMCS is installed in /client folder in my website and the homepage and etc. Pages are HTML so I want to Hide WHMCS pages from Google search. How can I hide
  14. Hello Sir I found a issue in whmcs , I didn't know this issue is only with my whmcs or with all whmcs. In My Server I am Selling Master Reseller Hosting and Alpha Reseller Hosting through WHMReseller Plugin in my server. But when someone order it from my site and I accept that order from my whmcs , when I click on Accept then it creates his cpanel and WHM in my server but in whmcs it shows it is already exists in server.
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