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  1. Unfortunately it's still not possible to use the same email address twice. I asked about it during the beta period for v8 (the thread is gone now because it was in the beta boards...), and as far as I remember the response, all emails except directly User related ones such as password resets are sent to the Client account email address. I asked whether there was a plan to change the unique email requirement for client accounts in the future, but apparently because many modules make use of the unique email address to identify a Client and would be broken by removing the requirement it's not likely to change anytime soon.
  2. As far as I understand it, all emails except directly User related ones such as password resets are sent to the Client email address. If you want the owner to get these emails they need to be set up as a contact on the account. I also got excited when v8 was announced thinking that it would solve our issue of people who had multiple accounts with one email address, but then discovered it didn't work how I thought it would. I asked during the beta about your Challenge 1, and it didn't sound like there were any plans to change the unique email requirement in the future. If I recall correctly (the thread's been deleted since) the reason was that many modules make use of the unique email address to identify a Client and would be broken by removing the requirement.
  3. It doesn't seem to 😞 And unfortunately we haven't upgraded to v8 yet for a host of reasons. That's fine, we'll work around it somehow.
  4. It seems that setting an invoice's status to cancelled via the UpdateInvoice API doesn't trigger the InvoiceCancelled hook. This is a problem as it seems that a 3rd party module we're using makes use of that hook to identify cancellations. Is there any other way to cancel an invoice by API that would work better?
  5. Cool, thanks for the info about the timeout, I'll see what I can do to fix that. That is one call per invoice, it's just a ridiculously large invoice 😬
  6. I've just noticed that when creating invoices through the API, it seems that only a maximum of 331 invoice items can be added in a CreateInvoice API call. We have a certain client who each month has an invoice with more than 331 items. When testing importing several months worth of these invoices, all of them are truncated at 331 line items despite the full set of line items being present in the request. It doesn't seem to be a restriction in WHMCS itself, as I'm able to add further line items through the UI or by using the UpdateInvoice API. Is this expected behaviour for the CreateInvoice API, and is this limit documented anywhere and I just missed seeing it?
  7. I got around it by changing the link in the email template to <a href="{$whmcs_url}index.php?rp=/domain/{$domain_name}/renew">
  8. I'd love to hear as well if there's a way to do this. We were never able to find a way and ended up just creating a live account for testing a doing a few small transactions through that.
  9. I need to create a DailyCronJob hook for my registrar module, and the cron function needs access to the module configuration values which are usually passed in the $params to the module functions. Is there a way to get access to these values in a different file? They're encrypted in the database so I can't just grab them from there.
  10. Does anyone know of a way to always show inactive clients in Intellisearch in Six template? I tried looking for equivalents of the above lines but no luck.
  11. Looks like it was definitely something to do with the System Health widget. Deactivating it from the menu on the dashboard didn't help but commenting out the whole widget code means I haven't seen this issue in almost 24 hours. Hope it's not just a fluke it continues to work well. Now, I've just gotta figure out what it is about System Health that causes issues...
  12. Anyway, for now I've just gone with looking it up in the database by getting the order id for the domain name, then the user or contact associated with the order. As long as there aren't duplicate records for the domain name, which it seems can happen if an order is created in the admin area, even with the "Block Existing Domains" setting active.
  13. For some time (a couple of months ish) I've been experiencing very slow loads (around 2 minutes!) sometimes when navigating to the dashboard. This tends to happen every few hours throughout the day and load times are fine in between. It's similar to the below issue: Earlier today I noticed that the System Health widget takes a long time to reload, so thought it might be the culprit and removed it from the dashboard, but just now had another slow loading incident. I'd be grateful for any other suggestions on what could be causing this - we're hoping to go live with WHMCS reasonably soon and these load times will be unacceptable then. (incidentally, the System Health page itself is also always slow to load, is this normal?)
  14. I'm having an issue with the phone number field in my registrar module. I've turned off the "international phone number automatic formatting" so that I can save phone numbers to the database with the formatting I need (eg 64 7 2222222). However, when the phone numbers are brought into the module as params when doing a registration etc, they are formatted by WHMCS as eg +64.6472222222. The leading country code would be easy enough to take out, but the spaces in the number are important as the registry expects country code, area code and local number to be split out. Is my only option to do a database call to get the unformatted phone number? As long as the Client details are being used for the registration that'll work as I can look them up by email, but if Contact details are used for the domain then there's no unique field available within the domain module to look up the contact's phone number. And there's no way within the module of knowing if it's a Client or a Contact that's being used... Any suggestions?
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