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  1. I tried doing this myself just now. Do the invoices still show the amount of credit that had been applied in the "Credit:" value above the total? If so, you can go to the Credit tab on the invoice and use the "Remove Credit from Invoice" option. You should then be able to apply the new credit.
  2. I'm having a similar issue also on 7.10.2 - several times a day it will take a long time (>2 minutes) to load the admin index.php, and while it's loading that all other page loads within WHMCS are also slow. Once it's done a slow one it's fine again for a few hours. I'd assumed it was just something to do with our setup (it's a dev install and probably isn't set up optimally) but thought I'd post here just in case it's related to your issue.
  3. Bumping this before I give in and edit the email template.
  4. Thanks for the thorough reply @brian! I had a look at the live demo of Billing Extension when I posted this, even though I'd already seen some of the negative reviews. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to prevent domain renewals from being removed from the invoices when autorenew is turned off (I'd hoped that this would be included in 'freezing' invoices, but no luck apparently). I found a mention somewhere in these forums of an open-source credit note module so I'm playing with that at the moment to see if it can be altered to meet our needs. A complicating factor in all of this is that we are syncing invoices and payments through to our accounting software using the Xero module from Edgehosting, so any solutions for credit notes etc need to play nicely with that. Which is another reason I'm leery of Billing Extension, it seems it'll add a lot of complication while not letting me see what exactly it's doing. So basically the situation is exactly what I thought it was, but it's nice to have confirmation that it's not just me 🙃
  5. Somehow I'd missed that I could turn off the line item cancellation when a service is cancelled, so that's one fewer thing to worry about at least. I haven't seen any way to prevent the client changing the auto-renew settings though, and even if there were, the same would still happen when an admin changed them.
  6. From what I can see (here and elsewhere) this is a difficult ongoing issue, but I thought I'd ask anyway before trying to explain to my boss and accounts person and potentially having to give up on WHMCS. Has anyone come up with a way to prevent WHMCS from altering invoices? We don't want it removing line items or cancelling invoices if the client cancels a service or turns off autorenew on a domain. We don't use proformas (they don't seem to be a common thing here in NZ, I'd never heard of them before working on this), just invoices, and they shouldn't change - we need to issue a credit note and a new invoice if alterations are required. I haven't been able to find a module that will do this, but does anyone know of something I've missed? Or know of any way to deal with this? All I can think of is to save the official invoice data in another table, and use hooks to see when it's altered and put it back the way it was, and then either automatically create the relevant credit note or make a todo to do it manually. I imagine there are flaws in this plan that I haven't considered though, and it sounds like a lot of risky messing with invoices. But if the way it works by default is doing illegal things anyway I might not be able to avoid this mess. (in addition - credit notes? I'm just displaying any invoices with negative totals as credit notes but that's a whole other issue...)
  7. In the Upcoming Domain Renewal Notice email, there's a link for the client to renew the domain: It seems that the value of the {$domain_renewal_url} merge field sometimes isn't correct though. In an email which was generated by the cron the link destination is https://(mydomain)/whmcs/www/html/whmcs/index.php?rp=/domain/(domain)/renew rather than https://(mydomain)/whmcs/index.php?rp=/domain/(domain)/renew as it should be. I subsequently tried sending the email by using the Send Message button on the Domains tab, and this email had the correct link URL. I forced the DomainRenewalNotices cron task to run and the resulting email had the wrong URL again. I can see that a similar thing has happened to others in the past: https://whmcs.community/topic/293317-domain-renewal-url-incorrect/ In this case it was a friendly URL issue but we have those turned off (set to Basic URLs) https://whmcs.community/topic/289121-domain-renewal-url-formatting-link-incorrectly/ According to this it was apparently fixed as #CORE-12253 in v7.6.0 https://docs.whmcs.com/Changelog:WHMCS_V7.6 Any ideas on what could be still causing this to happen when the emails are generated by cron but not when manually requested?
  8. Looks like it was a one-off fault, sorry. I'd delete if I could.
  9. Hi @WHMCS John, I've been thinking about this again, and wanted to check my assumption that any emails sent out by the system will be to Users who are connected to that account, rather than to the Account email address. So the Account address will basically just be there for historical reasons, and won't actually receive mail? I'm trying to figure out if we'll be able to use a unique placeholder email on the Accounts for those clients who have multiple, or if that will cause problems with emails being sent into the void.
  10. I'm not participating in the beta at this time because of my workplace's current usage of WHMCS, but just had a question about this new concept. I'm happy to hear that users will be able to access multiple accounts using only one email address, but will each account still need to have a unique email associated with it? We're in the process of moving our clients into WHMCS and had identified issues with certain people who used the same email on multiple accounts in our old system, and I'm hoping that the v8 changes will allow us to migrate those clients more smoothly without having to create extra email addresses for them...
  11. Thanks for that, on further investigation it might be a different issue on my end
  12. When I create an invoice with a tax-inclusive total of $12, the calculated subtotal should be $10.43 and GST (15%) $1.57. Instead, I am getting subtotal = $10.43 and GST $1.56, which leaves me out by $0.01. It looks to me like WHMCS is calculating the subtotal and rounding it to 2dp before calculating the tax on that. Is there any way around this?
  13. I'm no expert, but changing this line: to: making sure to include Capsule at the top of the file and making some changes to deal with the different format of the results from Capsule vs localAPI: Sorts the items by closest due date first. It'll need some more work on the query in order to deal with items without a due date - at the moment they appear first in the list, which probably isn't what you'd want. You could exclude them from the widget list altogether if they're not important to see at a glance? Please, someone who's better at coding than me fix my inevitable mistakes before doing this though! ETA: Original on right, reordered on left. Unfortunately 0000-00-00 is always the earliest due date...
  14. I'm not aware of any way to do this in settings, but it should be possible to alter the query which the widget code uses to get the list of to-do items so that the ones you want are displayed. The widget code uses the local API to fetch the to-do items so the order you're seeing seems to be what that returns (and I can't see options for sorting it), but if you changed it to use Capsule instead you could alter the query to return the ones with the closest due date. If you're making changes to the widget you should make a copy of the widget with a different name just like for template changes, so that it won't get overridden by WHMCS updates.
  15. I'm not just concerned, I've just somehow never been in a community with rules regarding who could have a profile picture before. I couldn't figure out what the criteria are considering there are people with 5 posts with pictures, but if it's a time thing it's all good, I'll get there eventually 😌
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