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  1. I made a 4 client group (a b c d) since I need it. Then I add clients and put them in a specific group. After a day. I need to add another client and put it in a specific group, for example, he is in the client group d. When I try to get the client information using API I cannot now get the newly added Client. I can get clients as usual but without the newly added ones. What would be the problem? Thank you for your help.
  2. How can I change the text-align in Reports? I wanted it to Left side
  3. How can I change it into Philippine Currency? Thank you
  4. Hello, I just want to ask about Tax and VAT in WHMCS. In the Products and Services area, it has an Apply Tax in creating/adding new products. And then in the Payments section, it also has there on how you will apply the tax called Tax Configuration. I just wanted to ask, if I'm done now in configuring the tax in Tax Configuration and I add new Products and check the Apply Tax. The tax that I configure in Tax Configuration will appear in Apply Tax on Products that I am adding? Is that mean, that what you configure on Tax Configuration, will effect in Product and Services Apply Tax, Product Services - Apply tax Tax Configuration Thank you so much
  5. Jam

    45 days

    For example, my client buys me a product quarterly in the month of November 2019, and the client wants to generate the invoices start in the month of January 2020. Meaning within 45 days before the January start, the bill/invoices is generating. Is it possible to have 45 days in quarterly?
  6. Is it possible to have 45 days in invoice?
  7. How to add another column in Invoice?
  8. I want to re-align the texts. How can I do it?
  9. Hi, I want to add another column which is Company after Client Name side. Is it possible? How can I do it? I want the Total Column the total amount is not center, I wanted it into right side, is it possible? How? Thank you so much for your response.
  10. I already found the answer! here is the output Thankyou!
  11. Good Afternoon. I just want to rename the invoices paid into send bill requests? Since I already change the paid into approved. How can I change the message in the alert box? Thank you in advance!
  12. Thank you for your response ❤️
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