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  1. Hi, as you see . In the user area of the whmcs system management related to this site The tickets section is displayed as below. You can see the number of pages where the tickets are, but the tickets themselves, which are around 5000, cannot be seen. What is the reason for this problem and how can it be solved? Thanks
  2. how we can solve this problem ? can you help me please
  3. hi i need help for run SparkPost mail services in our WHMCS , can you help me please , thanks
  4. hi can you please explain about all steps to run SparkPost in our WHMCS ? thanks
  5. Hi, The customer orders a product. The order is sent to him with the following title How can we edit the title? "WHMCS New Order Notification" Thanks
  6. I enabled Google Captcha for the login page, but I was justified in the fact that the captcha is located on the login buttons and those buttons are not visible. How can I lower the captcha a few lines so that it does not click on the buttons?
  7. I created a new file called categories.json and managed the subdomains as follows. But again we see the domains that I wanted to delete are still seen in a category called other. I just want the domains in the international domains category to be visible to users. Also, do you remove domains from the Domains / TLDS section this way? In the management section, domain amounts are also deleted in the whmcs management section? { "International Domains": [ ".com", ".net", ".org", ".info", ".biz", ".club", ".de", ".eu", ".io", ".me", ".online", ".uk", ".us", ".xyz", ".app", ".co", ".in", ".pro", ".shop" ], "REMOVE": { "Popularrr": [ ".com", ".net", ".org", ".info", ".biz", ".me", ".mobi", ".co.uk", ".online", ".site", ".blog", ".club", ".vip", ".icu", ".top", ".xyz", ".top", ".io", ".us", ".ca", ".tk", ".cn", ".de", ".uk", ".tw", ".nl", ".ru", ".br", ".eu" ], "Business": [ ".ads", ".agency", ".analytics", ".associates", ".bauhaus", ".booking", ".business", ".career", ".careers", ".center", ".co.com", ".company", ".corp", ".ecom", ".enterprises", ".farm", ".community", ".foundation", ".gives", ".giving", ".gmbh", ".inc", ".industries", ".limited", ".llc", ".llp", ".ltd", ".management", ".marketing", ".ngo", ".ong", ".partners", ".press", ".pw", ".sarl", ".solutions", ".srl", ".studio", ".trade", ".trading", ".xin" ], "Geographic": [ ".abudhabi", ".africa", ".alsace", ".amsterdam", ".aquitaine", ".bar", ".barcelona", ".bayern", ".berlin", ".boston", ".broadway", ".brussels", ".budapest", ".bzh", ".capetown", ".catalonia", ".chesapeake", ".city", ".cologne", ".country", ".cymru", ".desi", ".doha", ".dotafrica", ".dubai", ".durban", ".earth", ".eus", ".frl", ".gal", ".gent", ".global", ".hamburg", ".helsinki", ".international", ".ist", ".istanbul", ".joburg", ".kiwi", ".koeln", ".kyoto", ".london", ".madrid", ".melbourne", ".miami", ".moscow", ".nagoya", ".nrw", ".nyc", ".okinawa", ".osaka", ".paris", ".patagonia", ".persiangulf", ".place", ".quebec", ".rio", ".roma", ".ruhr", ".ryukyu", ".saarland", ".scot", ".stockholm", ".swiss", ".sydney", ".taipei", ".tatar", ".thai", ".tirol", ".tokyo", ".town", ".uk", ".vegas", ".vlaanderen", ".wales", ".wien", ".world", ".yokohama", ".zuerich" ], "Sports": [ ".baseball", ".basketball", ".coach", ".cricket", ".fan", ".fans", ".football", ".futbol", ".golf", ".hockey", ".moto", ".nba", ".racing", ".rodeo", ".rugby", ".run", ".ski", ".soccer", ".sport", ".sports", ".team", ".tennis", ".yoga" ], "Technology": [ ".app", ".blog", ".chat", ".click", ".cloud", ".codes", ".computer", ".comsec", ".data", ".digital", ".docs", ".domains", ".dot", ".download", ".dvr", ".email", ".epost", ".graphics", ".host", ".hosting", ".idn", ".mail", ".map", ".media", ".mobile", ".mobily", ".mov", ".mozaic", ".msd", ".network", ".onl", ".online", ".phone", ".search", ".seek", ".site", ".software", ".systems", ".tech", ".technology", ".tube", ".viajes", ".web", ".webcam", ".website", ".weibo", ".zip" ], "Services": [ ".abogado", ".accountant", ".accountants", ".apartments", ".app", ".archi", ".architect", ".attorney", ".auto", ".autos", ".bank", ".banque", ".broker", ".builders", ".cab", ".career", ".careers", ".catering", ".cityeats", ".claims", ".cleaning", ".clinic", ".construction", ".consulting", ".contractors", ".cpa", ".creditunion", ".dds", ".delivery", ".dental", ".dentist", ".design", ".direct", ".directory", ".docs", ".doctor", ".download", ".email", ".energy", ".engineer", ".engineering", ".esq", ".expert", ".express", ".farm", ".finance", ".financial", ".financialaid", ".fit", ".fitness", ".flights", ".florist", ".flowers", ".fly", ".gift", ".glass", ".graphics", ".guide", ".guitars", ".health", ".healthcare", ".help", ".hospital", ".hosting", ".hotel", ".hotels", ".institute", ".insurance", ".insure", ".investments", ".law", ".lawyer", ".legal", ".life", ".lifeinsurance", ".limo", ".link", ".loan", ".loans", ".mail", ".management", ".marketing", ".med", ".medical", ".meet", ".memorial", ".mls", ".mobile", ".money", ".mortgage", ".mutualfunds", ".news", ".pharmacy", ".photo", ".photography", ".physio", ".pics", ".productions", ".realtor", ".rehab", ".rentals", ".repair", ".rest", ".safe", ".safety", ".salon", ".sas", ".secure", ".security", ".services", ".sexy", ".storage", ".support", ".surgery", ".tattoo", ".taxi", ".tips", ".tours", ".training", ".translations", ".trust", ".versicherung", ".vet", ".vin", ".weather", ".wed", ".work", ".works" ], "Money and Finance": [ ".accountant", ".accountants", ".bank", ".banque", ".bond", ".broker", ".capital", ".cash", ".cfd", ".cpa", ".credit", ".creditcard", ".creditunion", ".estate", ".exchange", ".finance", ".financial", ".financialaid", ".fund", ".gold", ".investments", ".ira", ".loan", ".loans", ".money", ".mortgage", ".mutual", ".mutualfunds", ".pay", ".reit", ".rich", ".tax" ], "Education": [ ".academy", ".college", ".courses", ".degree", ".education", ".mba", ".phd", ".prof", ".scholarships", ".school", ".schule", ".science", ".shiksha", ".study", ".university" ], "Food and Drink": [ ".bar", ".beer", ".cafe", ".catering", ".cityeats", ".coffee", ".cooking", ".eat", ".food", ".grocery", ".kitchen", ".pizza", ".pub", ".recipes", ".rest", ".restaurant", ".vodka", ".wine" ], "Leisure and Recreation": [ ".bet", ".bid", ".bingo", ".camp", ".casino", ".cruise", ".cruises", ".dance", ".events", ".fish", ".fishing", ".flights", ".fly", ".game", ".games", ".holiday", ".horse", ".hotel", ".hotels", ".lotto", ".ninja", ".party", ".play", ".poker", ".pub", ".reise", ".reisen", ".social", ".spa", ".spreadbetting", ".surf", ".tour", ".tours", ".vacations", ".vana", ".vegas", ".voyage", ".yachts" ], "Shopping": [ ".auction", ".audio", ".auto", ".autos", ".bargains", ".bid", ".bike", ".blackfriday", ".boats", ".boutique", ".build", ".buy", ".cars", ".cheap", ".clothing", ".compare", ".computer", ".coupon", ".coupons", ".deal", ".deals", ".diamonds", ".discount", ".ecom", ".equipment", ".exchange", ".fashion", ".forsale", ".free", ".furniture", ".gifts", ".grocery", ".guru", ".holdings", ".jewelry", ".kaufen", ".lighting", ".luxe", ".luxury", ".market", ".markets", ".menu", ".moda", ".motorcycles", ".movie", ".music", ".parts", ".plumbing", ".promo", ".qpon", ".sale", ".save", ".shoes", ".shop", ".shopping", ".shopyourway", ".singles", ".store", ".supplies", ".supply", ".tickets", ".tienda", ".tires", ".tools", ".toys", ".ventures", ".watch", ".watches" ], "Real Estate": [ ".apartments", ".builders", ".casa", ".condos", ".forsale", ".haus", ".home", ".homes", ".house", ".immo", ".immobilien", ".land", ".lease", ".maison", ".mls", ".properties", ".property", ".realestate", ".realtor", ".realty", ".rent", ".studio", ".villas" ], "Novelty": [ ".and", ".are", ".beknown", ".best", ".black", ".blue", ".boo", ".box", ".chk", ".cool", ".cyou", ".day", ".est", ".fail", ".feedback", ".final", ".foo", ".free", ".fun", ".fyi", ".glean", ".goo", ".gratis", ".gripe", ".here", ".hot", ".how", ".ing", ".justforu", ".kim", ".lol", ".meme", ".men", ".moe", ".new", ".ninja", ".now", ".one", ".ooo", ".pid", ".pink", ".plus", ".red", ".rip", ".rocks", ".rsvp", ".spot", ".sucks", ".today", ".win", ".winners", ".wow", ".wtf", ".xyz", ".you", ".zone" ] } } Please tell me how I can correct it if there is an error in the above code.
  8. hi I have deleted all domain categories. But a category called other has been created that has all the deleted domains in this category. How can I delete this category and its subdomains together? thanks
  9. Hi, We used to create two currencies to pay. But now we want to delete one of them. When we try to delete, it gives us a warning message that this currency is in use. We have removed this currency from the products. But we have not removed from the domains. This is definitely the reason for the above error. The question is 1. We want to remove the second currency from the list of all domains, but our list of domains is high and we can not delete them one by one, and how can we remove this currency from all the domains in our list together? ? 2. We want to edit and delete the number of categories seen below. How should this be done? 3. How can we delete and add domains in each category?
  10. Hi I have installed the template and I use the bridge to connect it to WordPress. The following questions have been created for me. 1- When we go to the whmcs path, the fonts and icons are not changed and seen according to the submitted image. How can I change the specified fonts and make the icons that are not displayed visible? 2- I have whmcs installed on portal.name.com subdomain. The bridge path is name.com/portal . How can I get anyone who goes to portal.name.com to go to name.com/portal? 3- How can I change the format related to the order? Does anyone have a template in this regard? I mean the template for the products section. thanks
  11. hi We have installed the sms center plugin on our whmcs. The options are activated in the registration form and can be seen. We have now disabled the desired plugin, but its options can still be seen in the registration form. How can we delete them? Thanks
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