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  1. A good sleep and I woke up with Menu::context('domain') on my mind, getting me what I need. Thanks anyways!
  2. Hello, I am attempting to remove a menu item from the client sidebar when viewing domain details (the "Modify Nameservers" item). I can add the code below to the registrar module's hooks.php file, and the menu item is removed, however this same hook also affects every other registrar module. Is it possible to determine the module name within hooks.php so that a condition can be added to only apply the hook to the particular registrar module I wish to affect ? add_hook('ClientAreaPrimarySidebar', 1, function(MenuItem $primarySidebar) { if (!is_null($primarySidebar->getChild('Domain Details Management'))) { $primarySidebar->getChild('Domain Details Management') ->removeChild('Modify Nameservers'); } }); Thank you for your assistance, Niall.
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