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  1. Ok, that all looks good. On your front end, when you are placing the order. You have to put the code, T5T2..... in the yourdomain.com/cart.php?a=checkout page. Did you do that?
  2. Did you place the promo code in the promotional code box on the cart page? Did you select the billing periods in the admin panel for the promo code? Did you choose the products that the promo code can be used against?
  3. My opinions: 1) slow load times: even after your homepage loads, every other page is slow to load, try using a cache or something. My eye is always drawn to that 100% loading indicator. I ran a comparison of your site, with mine, side by side, heres the report: https://gtmetrix.com/compare/wu4ftPeL/FtkiIEel Your total page size is just 2.4mb, mine is a whooping 14mb, but mine actually loads and performs better than yours, it even loads quicker! A webpage of your size should be loading instantly in todays world. I would really, really suggest you that you get a CDN and cache up and running asap. A slow page loading time will effect your conversion rate. If you hit the history tab, before I optimised my site the best i could, load times were a staggering 5-6 seconds. Since my improvements, conversions have increased dramatically. 2) https://www.sanechoice.com/shared-hosting/ - why are your plans so low on the page? Consider moving them up, and placing the features under? 3) Your integration with WHMCS is top notch, no faults 4) Same with your wordpress, but I prefer a left sidebar over right, but thats just my preference.
  4. I have since added custom product group pages! I have just finished setting up this page: https://digitalbs.co.uk/cart.php?gid=1 the features part is not on any other page yet, but I'll get around to coding that in!
  5. Not that I know off. I made my WordPress theme from my whmcs theme. I did this myself and it took a few days. It was my first time making a WordPress theme and was rather straight forward.
  6. Good catch. I fixed that error and some other dead links today.
  7. Hi, The blog is here on the whmcs homepage, if you scroll down a little, near the bottom: https://digitalbs.co.uk/ And wordpress install is here: https://digitalbs.co.uk/articles/ My user bridge synchronises the whmcs users to the WordPress user database. It means they only register once on whmcs and can log in on the entire website and comment on articles on wordpress etc, I could probably even add a community now too.
  8. Welcome! WHMCS is a great piece of software
  9. So when Sony, Microsoft, Facebook, Whatsapp etc all got hacked you stopped using their products? I thought not. Whilst you think your intentions are right, in my opinion, you are adding more fuel to fire. Doing more damage to his business. Anyone looking to business with a new company should do their research and this goes without saying. Again, just my opinion. You could've just stopped at, xxx got hacked this year, I would do your research before committing. Now, to answer OP, you could just use WHMCS and use the announcements feature as a blog. It's by no means elegant, but will get the job done if you are on a budget. If you arent, I would get in contact with a developer and get a custom integration of the pair. Similar to what im finishing off for my own website.
  10. Check out my website and let me know what you think. The website is built using WHMCS and Wordpress. WHMCS is the front end and we only use WordPress for the blog functionality. We have managed to convert our whmcs theme into WordPress and it wouldn't of been possible if the 2 softwares weren't as documented as they are. The whmcs and the WordPress also has a user bridge, so you register once on whmcs and you can then use that same login to comment and take part on the blog. The link is here: https://digitalbs.co.uk
  11. OP said he done it without the use of any plugins, so, therefore, he must've integrated whmcs into WordPress.
  12. Welcome to WHMCS.Community DigitalBS! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.

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