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  1. This error may point to a problem with session handling in your PHP configuration. If you'd like to submit a ticket we can help you confirm. In the off chance that your IP address changes frequently this could happen if there are no session handling issues, in which case you might need to check Setup > General Settings > Security tab > Disable Session IP Check to work around it.
  2. The cPanel API is accessed via ports 2086/2087. The connection error you're experiencing suggests something is blocking the request. You may be able to connect to the cPanel server's shell from the WHMCS server, but do you get a response if you do this from the shell on the server hosting WHMCS?: curl -Ivvv https://<cpanel-server-hostname-or-ip>:2087 (Replace <cpanel-server-hostname-or-ip> with the real hostname or IP address) If not you'll need to find and remove whatever is blocking the connection.
  3. From the admin, instead of directly changing the option in the product details, use the "Upgrade/Downgrade" button (top right just under the tabs) to change the options and you'll be able to generate a invoice for the prorated charge.
  4. That list won't include all clients. You're meant to begin typing so the list can display matches for what you have entered. Generally if you are manually adding an order, you'll know which client it is for. It might be easier if you navigate to that client's summary page and use the "Add New Order" option there.
  5. Rifts: Certain control panels, (i.e cPanel), require a hostname independent of any hosted on the server. If for some reason the information is not auto-completed, you may need to enter it manually. Your host can give you the hostname if they assigned one on their own domain, or if they did not, you can set one in the control panel, make sure it points to the server IP, and enter it manually in the server details if necessary. If you are using a control panel that doesn't require a separate server hostname, and you want to connect and manage services by IP alone, you should be able to leave the hostname field blank.
  6. ogunquit: If you re-upload a fresh copy of the same version of WHMCS (downloadable at https://download.whmcs.com), restore the database, re-create the database user and grant it access to the database (if necessary), and also restore your configuration.php file (making any changes to the database, user and password as necessary), you *should* be back up and running. There may be additional steps you'll have to take (recreating cron jobs, etc.) but this should get your WHMCS back up and running with the database backup you have. What control panel environment are you moving from/to? I've always found cPanel backups to be quite reliable. If you have any way to regenerate a full backup at the old host it may prevent you from losing some data like ticket attachments. Please refer to https://docs.whmcs.com/Restoring_WHMCS for additional relevant information.
  7. XsToCloud: I notice the error indicates an inability to create a directory (beginning with /home/admin) that seems clearly to be outside of the path in which WHMCS is located (beginning with /home/bilspbce). My first recommendation would be to check your WHMCS Storage Settings for proper values. (See https://docs.whmcs.com/Storage_Settings). If the /home/admin/domains/xstocloud.nl/public_html/whmcs/downloads directory is indeed where you want the files stored, and it exists, there may be a directory permissions problem somewhere in that path preventing WHMCS from accessing it. (Or the directory doesn’t exist and WHMCS cannot create it for the same basic reason.) If this doesn’t help you identify and correct the problem, please feel welcome to open a support ticket (https://www.whmcs.com/submit-a-ticket/) so a WHMCS analyst can assist you.
  8. Welcome to WHMCS.Community WHMCS William R! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.

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