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  1. Hi, I'm developing a custom gateway payment module and it's already working for one time payments, but I'm wrapping my head around the best way to make it work with recurring subscriptions. I understand that on the first time the user chooses to subscribe, the payment gateway provides a unique subscriptionid (just like paypal or stripe do) and it's added to the tblhosting on the subscriptionid field, what I don't get is when the subscription renews, let's say after 1 month, how does the system handle this? How does it know which services/invoices need to renew or be marked as paid? Is there any tips that you can provide or a sample code/module that shows how recurring subscriptions are handled internally ? Any help will be very appreciated Thank you.
  2. For Brian's version to work, you've to change =!=[=C=D=A=T=A= to ![CDATA and ]=]=> to ]]> WRONG: echo '<title><=!=[=C=D=A=T=A=['.$data['title'].']=]=></title>'."\n"; CORRECT: echo '<title><![CDATA['.$data['title'].']]></title>'."\n";
  3. Here's an updated version with mysqli functions and & replaced with &amp; for sitemap validation : <?php header("Content-Type: application/xml; charset=ISO-8859-1"); echo '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?'.'>'."\n"; echo '<rss version="2.0">'."\n"; echo '<channel>'."\n"; define("CLIENTAREA",true); define("FORCESSL",true); # Uncomment to force the page to use https:// #require("dbconnect.php"); require("includes/functions.php"); require("includes/clientareafunctions.php"); $con = mysqli_connect("xxx","xxx","xxx","xxx"); $result = mysqli_query($con, "SELECT * FROM tblconfiguration WHERE setting='SystemURL' OR setting='CompanyName' OR setting='SEOFriendlyUrls'"); while ($data = mysqli_fetch_array($result, MYSQLI_ASSOC)) {$values[$data['setting']] = $data['value'];} echo '<title>'.$values['CompanyName'].' Knowledgebase Feed</title>'; echo '<description>'.$values['CompanyName'].' Knowledgebase Feed created by WHMCS Knowledgebase RSS addon module.</description>'; echo '<link>'.$values['SystemURL'].'</link>'; if (isset($_REQUEST['catid'])) { //Show this category $query = "SELECT * FROM `tblknowledgebase`,`tblknowledgebaselinks` WHERE `tblknowledgebaselinks`.`articleid` = `tblknowledgebase`.`id` AND `tblknowledgebaselinks`.`categoryid`=".(int)$_REQUEST['catid'];; } else { //Show all categories $query = "SELECT * FROM tblknowledgebase"; } $result = mysqli_query($con, $query); while ($data = mysqli_fetch_array($result, MYSQLI_ASSOC)) { echo '<item>'."\n"; echo '<title>'.$data['title'].'</title>'."\n"; echo '<description>'.strip_tags(substr($data['article'],0,140)).'</description>'."\n"; echo '<link>'.$values['SystemURL'].'knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&amp;id='.$data['id'].'</link>'."\n"; $seourls = 0; if($seourls){ echo '<link>'.$values['SystemURL'].'knowledgebase/'.$data['id'].'/'.str_replace(' ','-',$data['title']).'.html</link>'."\n"; }else{ echo '<link>'.$values['SystemURL'].'knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&amp;id='.$data['id'].'</link>'."\n"; }//if echo '</item>'."\n"; }//while echo '</channel>'."\n"; echo '</rss>'."\n"; mysqli_close($con); ?>
  4. Hi there, Is here a setting or hook that can be changed to disable sending the "Credit Card Payment Failed" email ? Thank you.
  5. I'm wondering about the same, did you managed to figure out?
  6. The error disappeared after a couple of days without a plausible explanation.
  7. Hi there (Brian I suppose), I can successfully place a new order via API, but I need to set a custom field asked to the user when it places a new order and which isn't available on module settings. I'm not able to do this by following the examples at https://developers.whmcs.com/api-reference/addorder/. This is the custom field that needs to be sent with a new order via API: This values are stored on database table: tblcustomfieldsvalues Any idea how to do this? Thank you in advance.
  8. Hi Bear, thank you very much for your reply. I'm using CentOS 7 and the correct command is: less /var/log/maillog | grep 'username' Which outputs (ip/user changed): Nov 13 22:58:31 server dovecot: pop3-login: Internal login failure (pid=22883 id=1) (internal failure, 1 successful auths): user=<user.domain>, method=PLAIN, rip=, lip=, secured, session=<Rb1jSEKXatWyP0KP> This seem to be a problem related with davecot (internal failure) and not directly with WHMCS. I've enabled error log on davecot and should be able to understand what's happening on the next error. I'll post my findings then.
  9. Hi again Brian, We didn't perform any upgrade and this problem started after testing several themes, which may also be just a coincidence. All emails sent to us have been converted into tickets without problems and no costumers have complaint about un-replied emails. No errors have been logged either on /var/log/messages or apache error log and we've no clue about what to do to solve this. Thank you.
  10. I've been receiving many emails, at random times of the day, with the following content: One or more POP3 connections failed: Sales <sales@site.tld> Error: Connection error: Can not authenticate to POP3 server: POP3 connection broken in response This started after enabling/disabling several modules. Where should I look to start debugging the problem? Thank you in advance.
  11. That's very kind of you Brain :)) Have a great day!
  12. Thank you very much for your fast reply Brian. We are using a module that doesn't provide upgrade functions and we've received an email asking to upgrade it manually Can you please provide us a link to a tutorial/documentation explaining how to implement the upgrade function on a module? Thank you!
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