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  1. Thanks for your response ChrisD. I was more after the interaction between WHMCS and Centova rather than the import of the data, there are only a few dozen to import so it could be done manually (there appear to be no import tools for the billing platform iHost). Specifically, I need to understand what happens if I create a new customer on WHMCS and assign to their account a Centova package (same package type as on the old billing platform) and then manually enter their Centova username/password and same server, will WHMCS then automatically associate this? I'm just trying to understand how that would work from a back-end (WHMCS-Centova) point of view. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, I use WHMCS for a number of Centova servers. I had previously used another billing platform and would like to migrate users away from that older platform. What would be the process for adding existing Centova accounts to WHMCS (existing Cetova accounts as in accounts/usernames that already exist on the Centova servers? Would it simply be a process of adding the new customers details in WHMCS , assigning the same type of product and then just entering their current, existing Centova username (as configured on the Centova admin panel)? Would that work? Just trying to figure out the easiest way of migrating customers over with minimal impact to them. Anyone with first-hand experience of doing this? Thank you.
  3. Hello, I need to create a username to use on my own backend platform when a user first signs up to a service, but I need to store it within the WHMCS DB also so that it can be used in the future if they purchase another service from us. I understand how I would create the username and which hook to use, but could someone give me some guidance on how to store this on WHMCS? I imagine I'd need to use a custom field somehow and perform a WMHCS DB update with this generated username? I'd like to have this as a field within 'Client Information'. Can anyone help me out with this in terms of what the best approach would be? Thank you in advance.
  4. Absolutely! OK, thanks for your reply, I will probably just end up redirecting the homepage to the 'Browse All' page as this does exactly what I want to display on the home page... Thanks again.
  5. Thanks brain! For future reference, this worked: $customer_email = $vars['clientdetails']['email'];
  6. Just checking this again... The hook page for ShoppingCartCheckoutCompletePage says it is 'clientdetails' not 'clientsdetails' is the hook page wrong? https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks-reference/shopping-cart/#shoppingcartcheckoutcompletepage Also, I guess that if I'm using this: <?php add_hook('ShoppingCartCheckoutCompletePage', 1, function($vars) { // My PHP code }); Then this would give me the email address? $customer_email = $vars['clientsdetails']['email']; Thanks again.
  7. Hi, many thanks both for your replies, much appreciated. Just checking, is it this part of the array for the email address? $email = $clientsdetails['email']; And this is definitely available within ShoppingCartCheckoutCompletePage? Thanks again.
  8. Hello brian! Thank you for your reply. Found it. I'm just getting my head around WHMCS as I've only just started using it. Is there an easy way to display items from the product list here? Ideally I'd want to choose a bunch of products and list them in a similar way to how they appear on the 'Browse All' page. Thank you again for responding.
  9. Hi, I am using the ShoppingCartCheckoutCompletePage hook to perform some backend server work whenever a customer pays for a service, but I also need their email address. ShoppingCartCheckoutCompletePage does not seem to contain the email address, what is the easiest way to do this? I am assuming that the only way to do this is somehow use the orderid available in ShoppingCartCheckoutCompletePage and work backwards to match it to a customer in the WHMCS database? Any suggestions? Thank you.
  10. I'm using the ASPnix module for Braintree payments, seems to work well and support is good from them.
  11. Hello, I need to perform an operation on my backend server (not the WHMCS server) on a completed (and paid for) order. To do this, I need to know what products the customer has ordered. Looking at the hook here https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks-reference/shopping-cart/#shoppingcartcheckoutcompletepage it looks like I have access to the following items: orderid int The ID of the order ordernumber int The order number for the order invoiceid int The id of the invoice for the order ispaid bool Indicates whether the order has been paid amount float The amount of order paymentmethod string The payment method of the order clientdetails array The full details for the client the order is for but not what products the customer has ordered. Does this mean that I have to run another query with the orderid to get what was actually within that order? Or have I missed something? Thank you.
  12. Hello, Is it possible to change/modify the home page to non-logged in users? I'm not sure how to do this, I'd like to feature products here rather than just Twitter feed, etc... Where can this be done? Thank you.
  13. Hello, I'm new to WHMCS (late to the game!). I have a question about hooks. I need to create some tasks on my own server on order completion, no problem with the code to create the tasks on my server, just need to understand a little more about how to achieve this with hooks. I need to run some code on a completed order (paid for) and need to grab a custom field (username) which is entered during the ordering which I have set up on the product and I also need to know which products the customer has ordered. I'd also like to grab the password they used on account creation so that I can use the same one on my platform (separate to WHMCS platform). Ideally I'd like to do this in one hook file when they pay for the order and it is complete (rather than in multiple hooks). Also, slightly separate to the above, I'd like to check the username they have entered doesn't already exist on my platform before the order completes, is there any way to do this? Thanks in advance for any assistance!
  14. I'm getting the same issue, only when using WHMCS, if I send directly, it works and they don't go to spam.
  15. Hello, I cannot bear to receive any more of these emails!! Please, how is it possible to either delete these emails or direct them to a different email address? I have changed the email address under the General Settings, but they are still being sent to the original email I set up during install. There should be a way of disabling these notification emails or, where can I change the email address? Thank you.
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