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  1. Hi @brian! Thanks for the nice and serious reply! I tested the Product Linker and fortunately it fits my needs! I am a little disappointed WHMCS did not have this functionality out of the box, but anyway this was just what I needed! Have a great day, and thanks again! Sincerely,
  2. Hi, I am trying to get my head around WHMCS and if it can fit my needs. I have three Products/Services(servers with special configurations) in my catalog and I need to link these three servers to some Products Addons. My Products/Services are more like "empty" shells configured as "Auto Release" module and my Products Addons have a module creating the servers with special configuration for me. A Products/Services have 4-5 different Products Addons to make the "whole" Products. I started out trying to make this as a "Bundle", but my customer needs all the 4-5 Addons to make a Product, it will not work if the customer can cancel some part of it. Can I somehow make a Product with some default Product Addons and not making my customers enable to select or deselect some of them? I am pretty stuck on this setup.... Cheers,
  3. Hi, I am trying to offer three different Product Bundles, like Small, Medium and Large. These bundles are the only services I offer and will contain like 2, 5 and 7 docker container servers (hidden Products). I would like my users only have thees three options and they should not be able to just cancel one of the servers, they have to keep the whole bundle! Every customer get a dedicated VPS (and the servers are in docker containers), that's why I need my customers to pay for all of them, because I still pay for there underlying VPS, (in a Small, Medium and Large size) I use a module (https://github.com/pterodactyl/whmcs) for automation of every server(container) included in the bundle and that's why I just can't make 3 "dummy" products with monthly payments, to insure I can keep this kind of control. I also tried the "Product Addons" with a "dummy" product like "Medium", but the user still have to tick the Addons to ensure they get created/linked to the account, and the Custom Fields is not working on the Order Form, because the missing " Show on Order Form" option for "Product Addons". Do I miss something?? or is this approach just not possible?? Best regards, Enghausen
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