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  1. Hello, I wanna know if there is some users interested to get OX APP Suite on EU based servers ? Today, I can't sell this email solution because it is only US based and this is not possible for us to do this. All the solutions we purpose are EU based. Anyone sharing this point of view ? Please vote this : https://requests.whmcs.com/idea/purpose-ox-app-suite-on-eu-servers Thank you for taking time to read my post and have a great day ! Regards, Surc0uf
  2. Dear Community ! If you want an extension of the OX APP Suite module to allow resell email on EU servers (only US right now), you can vote for this request here : https://requests.whmcs.com/idea/purpose-ox-app-suite-on-eu-servers Thank you !
  3. Bonjour, Si comme moi vous souhaiter voir le module OX APP Suite proposé sur des serveurs européens, je vous invite à voter pour ici : https://requests.whmcs.com/idea/purpose-ox-app-suite-on-eu-servers Merci !
  4. Hello, Do you know if there is a fix for #CORE-17176 ? I'm not available to add more than one domain to my cart when ordering domain with hosting plan. On each domain that appears available, when you click "Add to cart" it become "taken"... When I go trough ordering domain only, it works well... Best regards.
  5. Hello, I'm still getting theses error on WHMCS 8.1.3, (PHP 7.4.16)... I have update my cron job to fit exaclty what whmcs automation says (starting by /usr/bin/php -q ...) Are u able to fix this ? ( @carl^, @zomex, @wsa) Thank you.
  6. My question is still actual... Thank for your help !
  7. Hello, All the receipts emails send by Stripe display Title page in the invoice description. (screen 1) After investigations in Stripe's details, we can see that "description" is used. (screen 2) By the past, it was statement descriptor information that was here. Can you confirm this issue ? Thanks
  8. @WHMCS John could you check this on your side please ?
  9. Hello, I push again this because this problem is still acctual for me. Does anyone can check on his back to confirm please ? Thank you.
  10. Sure it will work. You just have to define the concerned domain during purchase.
  11. Hello, Now you can also use in the advanced tab something like : width: 100%; height: auto; max-width: 903px;
  12. Hello, Good news ! It's fixed in v7.10.1 ! Regarding It works perfectly with the hook you provided @brian! Thanks again !
  13. Hello, When I try to upgrade a weebly plan : from whmcs customer area, it works well (image 1 & 2) from weebly editor, it doesn't work (image 3&4) Could you let me know if you encouter the same problem than me or if it is a specific bug from my installation ? Thank you.
  14. Hello, To reproduce this error, I have to order a cPanel hosting account and a weebly plan (as an addon). I have noticed (on two account creation for new clients) that my customers was not able to publish their weebly website. After investigations, each time the weebly FTP account was not created on the cPanel hosting associated. After having a look to the emails sent during creation process, I'm wondering if the weebly account is not created before cPanel account ? Or at the same time ? or too quickkly after ? Did you encounter this error on your sides guys ? Thank you for your help.
  15. Hi @WHMCS John, I hope that addon weighting sorting will also be considered as a bug. Thank you.
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