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  1. Thank you so much everyone. This is a huge help to get started. That would be great but I don't have a module for this. So I'm hoping to avoid using a module by using a hook instead. In this case, the hook would read what the ID of the product is (to match a product in my products list) and check if it = X. This way when someone buys a specific product (ie: Maintenance) I can run the hook to provision the maintenance. And if it doesn't match a product we want to match, it does nothing.
  2. Hello all. I am hoping you can help me do what I think should be simple for people who have dealt with hooks already. I want to do this: IF a product's ID = x (I imagine this involves getting the product ID from a variable and doing an IF statement in PHP) THEN get the service_domain field (built-in field, not custom field), run a shell script while passing the domain field as a bash variable to be used within the script's execution. Why do I want to do this? This will allow me to begin the process of provisioning maintenance coverage via WP CLI for customers who order a maintenance plan from us. I'll create an additional 2 hooks -- three total so one for each maintenance plan. If I can get the first hook, i can make the others and likely merge them together. I just need a "template" to follow from someone who understands PHP more than on the surface like I do. This ultimately will chain 3 of my servers together. WHMCS server, our cPanel server, and the maintenance server. Any help is appreciated. Would anyone be willing to paste in an effective code sample that I can use?
  3. Thanks all for your responses. Unfortunately nothing I see is addressing our core functionality requirements. I decided to contact a WHMCS module developer for a quote. I may just have to get this built myself.
  4. Hello everyone, this is Andrew, founder of Host Huski, a SmallDot company (smldt.co). I've been using WHMCS for over 2 years to provide account management and billing for my server which has passed over 220 unique sites under management. With this tiny milestone I'm trying to take things more seriously with my hosting business and i've just joined the community site here. I've loved WHMCS and how easy it has been to run my hosting with it. hosthuski.com is my website. Thank you.
  5. I am allowing clients to resell my hosting by giving them a reseller account in WHM that is without account creation privileges so that they can only order product at a discount through their client account in WHMCS. I want that when they order a product, that product is created in their WHM account via cpanel API connection for the server i would create just for them in WHMCS. So if Partner A ordered a hosting plan, cPanel would create that account in Partner A's WHM account and not as root. Currently, i cannot assign a product to only be used by a client, or a server to only be used by a client's orders. Any help out there? Or should i pay someone to build this module for WHMCS for me?
  6. Welcome to WHMCS.Community hosthuski! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.

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