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  1. Just registered few days ago and found this treasure! Great hooks, installed right away when my client just about to ask about it few minutes ago!lol, thank you so much!!!
  2. I am very sure on the correct place. Because if I tested it by inserting wrong code, it caught the error. But I will try again. Thank you all for the enlightenment, do really appreciate for your help and time spent on this. Regards, N3m0
  3. Apologize, I tried exact code from you... create only your code in my hook files, and put the following inside my tpl. <strong>{$something}</strong> <small>{$somethingelse}</small> still don't show anything in my tpl... Thank you so much for helping me, n3m0
  4. ah! so simple!.... thank you so much! Please correct me if I am wrong. if I want to create several PHP functions, I need to create those functions outside of this code bellow : add_hook('ClientAreaProductDetails', 1, function($vars) { $output['something'] = 'Yeah'; $output['somethingelse'] = 'Nope!'; return $output; }); and call them inside it, is that correct? Or I need to create those php functionts inside it? TIA, n3m0
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    Hi everyone, Im just created the account few hours ago after struggling to understand how smarty work for hours, and still no luck tho lol Yes, I am complete noob in smarty. Knew very limited knowledge about php, and have a need to add some features for my client in whmcs. Silly of me is that I jumped out to created so many php functions in new file, tested and it works good, but by the time I tried to combine with tpl, voila! I dunno how to do that wkwwkwk... I tried for hours and hours, gooling, reading, trying... so many "ooops something wrong", and i give up.... So, yeah.... here i am... Hope the answer lol Just it for a while, cheers everyone! n3m0
  6. I am complete noob in smarty and have reading tuts, docs provided and googling for whole day (and night), but still have no clue.. so please be patience to me.. I want to show new variable declared in hook php, and show it in certain area at clientareaproductdetails. I created test.php in hooks folder. The code is: And I put the following inside clientareaproductdetails.tpl But the "hello world" not show up. Please help what should I do? Note: I actually already made many functions in php and want to put inside tpl file, then I just realize whmcs using smarty. And ofc my php functions all failed to load inside tpl file. This is my next plan after I figure it out how "hook" and assign new variable works. Thank you so much and sorry for my English. n3m0
  7. Welcome to WHMCS.Community n3m0! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.

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      I did at the first day i registered. Thank you for warm welcome


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