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  1. I have emailed Namesilo support team and they confirmed that they had added whmcs TLDs sync option to their new module. That is a great. But whmcs doesn't know about this, seems doesn't want to confirm namesilo modules as supported register.
  2. Sorry i couldn't understand your meaning. You speak 100% top level english Lol
  3. I tested namsilo domain importing and it works very well with namesilo while no one confirm this functionality with namesilo. Any confirmation? I know about the other add-ons and third party for namesilo. I just want to be sure to use whmcs built in domain price syncing for namesilo? I have opened a ticket with whmcs, but also they are not sure about this and they only confirmed enom and logicboxes. So funny
  4. Hello I see in whmcs 10 in this link: https://docs.whmcs.com/Registrar_TLD_Sync , that it is possible to sync Domin TLDs + Prices into whmcs from domain registrar. I want to know if this support Namesilo too? while it is mentioned that it is possible only for enom and logicboxes registrar. because I see namesilo option in Utilities > Registrar TLD Sync too and also I want to know if it has a cron job availability to sync prices automatically or it should be sync manually each time?
  5. I really needed this. You meant to add *.example.com into the main account? or whm? I added *.example.com in my main cpanel, but didn't work
  6. hello I have added promotion code for .com domain which requires a hosting plan. but it doesn't apply and says: "The promotion code you entered has been applied to your cart but no items qualify for the discount yet - please check the promotion terms " but all the things are correct
  7. why it isnot possible to sync your domains price list into whmcs automatically the same as resellerclub modules and manage them via a third party plugin? how is it possible to add and update the domains every day? and check your prices changes day by day?
  8. that is ok. then is there any one to write such a module from namesilo's API? or any one has this?
  9. for cpanel login that is ok i will discuss with hosting provider. but for webmail redirection to my domain what should I do? if anyone explain step by step...
  10. so is there any one to have written this specific addon or script to be able to add sync namesilo's tld prices into my whmcs daily, automatically? ? if you have please share with me? (i think namesilo itself should do something for this issues. that module 140$ is so high for starters. resellerclub have a free powerful modules for importing and managing their domains. )
  11. hello when my customers log in to their profile in whmcs, and choose their service, there is some login options at the left bar in Actions part. cpanel mail cancel when users click on cpanel at first it shows my hosting website's link (https://portal.sdnhost.com/clientarea.php?action=productdetails&id=1&dosinglesignon=1) but after clicking it gets redirected to servers name https://mi3-lr6.supercp.com:2083. how can I force it to open in main hosting link (sdnhost.com:2083) and the mail link is completely wrong and it shows fake name ( https://a2hosting:2096/) how can I fix it to be able to open my hosting mail adddress? (sdnhost.com/webmail) any help please. ?
  12. but that is so expensive. which domain reseller does have a free advanced whmcs module? I have enom, resellerclub and NameCheap reseller's plan too. I have installed them but I didn't see any configuration for Domain syncing automatically.
  13. I want to sync all the domains extensions, which is at the domain seller, into whmcs. I am namesilo.com 's reseller and I have installed their module but it doesn't have any domain management area. It is hard and time consuming to enter all domain extensions one by one and set a price manually. what is your suggestion to do Automatically?
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