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  1. Hickman.io

    Intercom.io Add-on Module

    I was wondering if this would be able to integrate with intercom's email messaging services to deliver invoices, alerts, etc?
  2. Hey there, I'm looking for someone who can customize my WHMCS Theme and implement it on my platform. Here is the theme... https://themeforest.net/item/bluerack-professional-hosting-template-with-whmcs/22995374 It has been purchased already. I can send it to whoever wants the job. Just let me know!
  3. Hickman.io

    Duda Add On Module Installation

    See I can get the module to display, and configure. However, I run into trouble when creating a product.
  4. Hickman.io

    Duda Add On Module Installation

    Got it. Well thanks for your assistance. I understand that sometimes it requires the permissions being changed on the folders/files. However, how do you know which set of permissions to designate? (0644, 0777, 0755, 0655).
  5. Hickman.io

    Duda Add On Module Installation

    I have contacted Duda, but haven't heard anything. I am including a specific screenshot of the location I put the folders into. The one problem I ran into was finding the parent directory of WHMCS so I just put multiscreen.php in public_html.
  6. Hickman.io

    Duda Add On Module Installation

    Would it be recommended to just use v7.3 instead of the latest version? Sorry, this is all new to me, so that may be a dumb question.
  7. Hickman.io

    Duda Add On Module Installation

    I tried but the file inside of the folder won't let me assign permissions. Here is a screenshot of the server and the outcome on WHMCS
  8. Hickman.io

    Duda Add On Module Installation

    Ok I changed the file permissions to 0644 and now I've gotten it to this error message. Is there a specific one that needs to be changed to some other permission?
  9. Hickman.io

    Duda Add On Module Installation

    When attempting to install the Duda Module (https://developer.duda.co/docs/whmcs-installation-guide) I keep getting a 403 - Bad Request in the services panel. Any suggestions?
  10. I have attempted adding on the Duda Module, and got it to where it shows up in WHMCS. However when adding services using that module it says error 401 - invalid credentials. Any solutions?
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