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  1. EricP

    Send SMS to Client

    Ha! It wasn't me that said API, my mistake.
  2. EricP

    Send SMS to Client

    Sorry, API was the wrong word. (I'm an old Win32/64 programmer. 🙂 ) WHMCS is well-integrated (here anyway) with ServerHub, ZenDesk, etc. and they are connected to each other with low level hooks of some kind. I have been on the job only 90 days and I don't yet know exactly how. Still learning.
  3. EricP

    Send SMS to Client

    Great info, thanks!
  4. WHMCS > Client Profile > Summary tab I tried to send a text to my cell. WHMCS said "SMS Message Sent!" but I did not receive the text. I looked but can't find any WHMCS configuration related to SMS. Do I need a third-party add-on, or...?
  5. EricP

    Send SMS to Client

    I guess I should have just said... I'm using a separate program -- which I need not name because it will confuse the issue -- to send text messages. I want to completely stop using that unnamed software and start using WHMCS instead. 🙂 TY I'll ask in the other subforum.
  6. EricP

    Send SMS to Client

    Is this a dumb question?
  7. I'm using GrassHopper to send text messages and I want to start using WHMCS instead. I opened my sandbox account and tried it, I got "SMS manager - SMS is sent to client!" but the texts never arrived. I searched Help and the Community but didn't get very far. I get the impression I need an add-on to do that, is that correct?
  8. I'm Eric Pearson, I am a recent hire at CoolHandle. I use WHCMS every day. I live in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan, which is located on Grand Traverse Bay in Lake Michigan. Did I mention that it's beautiful? This looks like a pretty active board, a good resource!
  9. Welcome to WHMCS.Community EricP! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.


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