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  1. As title. I've currently managed to change the Store menu links with the following. I'm trying make the category pages direct to an external as well, but struggling to find anything on a search or through playing about. Anyone know of anything I can add to this to make it change them as well? Many advanced thanks. 🙂 add_hook('ClientAreaPrimaryNavbar', 1, function (MenuItem $primaryNavbar) { $navItem = $primaryNavbar->getChild('Home'); if (is_null($navItem)) { return; } $navItem->setUri('/billing/clientarea.php'); $navItem->setlabel('My Account'); $navItem->setIcon('far fa-user'); $navItem1 = $primaryNavbar->getChild('Store'); if (is_null($navItem1)) { return; } $navItem1 = $navItem1->getChild('Web Builder Hosting'); if (is_null($navItem1)) { return; } $navItem1->setUri('/web-builder-hosting'); $navItem2 = $primaryNavbar->getChild('Store'); if (is_null($navItem1)) { return; } $navItem2 = $navItem2->getChild('Linux Hosting'); if (is_null($navItem2)) { return; } $navItem2->setUri('/linux-hosting'); if (!is_null($primaryNavbar->getChild('Store'))) { $primaryNavbar->getChild('Store')->removeChild('Browse Products Services'); } });
  2. Lex3891

    Hi from the UK

    Hi, I'm Lex from Shropshire in the UK, I'm using WHCMS to launch a new hosting company. I've a few queries which I will post in the correct boards soon if I can't find an answer through searching. Looking forward to meeting everyone. 🙂
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