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  1. graziano_68

    product addon

    Hello suppose I have this product https://mydomain.net/whmcs/cart.php?a=add&pid=25 This product has a product addon , I would have this addon enabled by default when I open the link I tried this https://mydomain.net/whmcs/cart.php?a=add&pid=25&addons=6 because in the HTML source code I have seen this <input type="checkbox" name="addons[6]" /> but it does now work , how can I do it ? Thank you
  2. Hello I am setting up a new product in WHMCS . In Custom field Tab I added a "Server ip" field, Field Type Text Area , and in Description I added this "Please specify your server ip(s) . You can get your cPanel server ip in this way # lynx -dump http://www.cpanel.net/showip.cgi" Now , I would customize (using HTML or css) the text above in Description , for example I would add a <br> and body <b> text here <b>Please specify your server ip(s)</b> <br> and here You can get your cPanel server ip in this way <br> and I would format the code # lynx -dump http://www.cpanel.net/showip.cgi" as shown here in this community (code formatted) . i.e. # lynx -dump http://www.cpanel.net/showip.cgi" How can do this please ? Thank you.
  3. graziano_68

    redirection after the payment

    it worked perfectly thank you!
  4. graziano_68

    redirection after the payment

    Thank you , I will try it
  5. graziano_68

    redirection after the payment

    I'm trying to code the required hook but I have some problem - After the payment the array $var does not contain the product pid=5 , how to add it to $var array ? - When I try to return a value from $var array It does not work for example <?php add_hook('ShoppingCartCheckoutCompletePage', 1, function ($vars) { $firstname = $vars['firstname']; echo "-->$firstname<--"; // Run code to create remote community account here... }); returns nothing , why ? - How to change the button "Continue to the Client area" with "Countinue to mysite.com" and how to change the link tied to this button ? Thank you
  6. graziano_68

    redirection after the payment

    thank you!
  7. note that this product requires PAYPAL Reference Transactions more info here https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/subscriptions/faq/paypal-reference-transactions/
  8. graziano_68

    2checkout not selectable

    thank you , it was the problem , I fixed it using phpmyadmin .
  9. graziano_68

    Free Braintree Credit Card Gateway Module

    interested too , does it work with WHMCS 7.x ?
  10. graziano_68

    Square Up Payment Gateway Module

    I am interested too , does exists a token Square up payment gateway for WHMCS which supports automatic WHMCS rebilling too ?
  11. Hello I have some questions please - I have read in old post that if your server goes off , also your Paypal scripts goes off. Is it true ? - Suppose I have a rebilling customer using another credit card gateway for example Stripe. Suppose I switch to your Paypal script , what happens at the first rebilling charge , will it be manual or automatic ? - which is the price one time free or yearly price ? If one time, which is the update policy ? - are there discount coupon codes for WHMCS community members Thank you for your replies
  12. Hello even if 2checkout gateway is NOT in my list of existing WHMCS Gateways it's green (why?) and NOT selectable . It's odd ! How to make it selectable ? I need to add this 2checkout gateway Thank you
  13. graziano_68

    redirection after the payment

    BTW I understood that what I asked in the first post is not possible (since it was moved in dev corner). Anyone knows if exists a WHMCS plugin which permits to do that ? Thank you
  14. graziano_68

    redirection after the payment

    Hello, thanks for reply, I'm asking because I am still seeing this (right now I am seeing it) " Your content will need to be approved by a moderator. This happens within 24 - 48 hours and applies for your first few posts, usually no more than 10. Please note the moderators cannot remove this moderation step you must go thru this like all other community users. "

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