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  1. We're having the same problem, with the newest 7.7.1 release, PHP 7.2, dovecot and plesk. we weren't able to track down the reason for this behavior either. Sometimes we're getting 20 a day, sometimes just 3.
  2. Hello, we've been using WHMCS successfully for a while now and are planing to expand our business based on WHMCS even further. A main complaint of us using WHMCS is the ticketing system. While it lacks features like wait until, etc. which isn't as bad as it seems, it makes us completely struggle with html formatted e-mails. Many of our customers and partners don't just send plain text e-mails anymore, but use pretty formatted css and html e-mails. The problem is, that WHMCS won't let us see the e-mails formatted as html and doesn't allow us to even download the original e-mail, even though html formatted e-mails are very common in 2019 already. This is especially a problem when receiving e-mails with links in buttons or graphics, that won't show in this obsutufecated source-code view. We had to set up a second e-mail account that receives a copy of all e-mails, so that we can look up and view the e-mails, that can't be shown correctly in the ticket system. I've read in a community post from 2007, that states that html e-mails are disabled because of security reasons, but there has to be a possibility to correctly format e-mails, while blocking external resources like images, exactly like other ticket systems or billing solutions do, until you click a button to show these resources. When can we expect the implementation of proper e-mail communication, so that we can completely use the ticket system correctly without the need to access external mail interfaces all the time? Even our and our customers and partners ticket systems send html formatted and styled e-mails. Greetings from germany.
  3. Welcome to WHMCS.Community infernus! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.

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