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  1. DJ Radio Sound Station

    Help in securing files to a AWS server

    The problem with the domain error on my site had been corrected. It had something to do with the new Godaddy Mod that I installed. The Mod cannot be installed as Godaddy claims in their read me files. I also had the license reissued to a new domain. The old domain was djradiosoundstation.com and the new one is godsbible.org. Thanks, guys!
  2. DJ Radio Sound Station

    Help in securing files to a AWS server

    I cannot even get the domain search to work right. If this is the best it can do I'll just go back to my old system. And I think it's silly for a 70 year old man to want 24 hours before I can get a post answered. Are you all a bunch of kids?
  3. DJ Radio Sound Station

    cPanel announced a serious Exim issue

    If you host with "Myresellerclub" they have already patched for this.
  4. DJ Radio Sound Station

    Hello everyone

    I'm the new guy on the block. I was a Master Electrician and State Contractor for over 25 years now at 70 years old I dabble around with music and web hosting on the side.
  5. DJ Radio Sound Station

    Help in securing files to a AWS server

    Thank you!
  6. Can I find someone who can help me in setting up the AWS server used to store file off site? I have the AWS server.
  7. DJ Radio Sound Station

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone just wanted to say hello.
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