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  1. So im using WHMCS with a custom plug in for IPTV accounts. It was all ran off Xtream Codes panels, because of everything that happened with Xtream Codes, IPTV services have moved back to XC v1 (an older version) and it uses captcha. I got an update of the plugin but the developers told me they do not have a work around for captcha yet. This seems surprising that it would be that hard to work around, so I figured id ask here if anyone knew of a way to auto solve captchas ? https://gyazo.com/9644e46b0d29fb83291e4b141764ecc4
  2. BigGainz

    Add Link To Header In Panel

    <a href="clientshostinglist.php?status=Pending"> <span class="stat">{$sidebarstats.services.pending}</span> {$_ADMINLANG.stats.pendingservices} That did the trick! Thank you!
  3. BigGainz

    Add Link To Header In Panel

    Awesome! You were right on! Hopefully last question to do with this. From the picture above it looks like $sidebarstats.orders.pending - would be the number associated with the items in the list $_ADMINLANG.stats.pendingorders - would be the name of the list Since im adding a totally new wrinkle to this (Pending Services) how would I go about finding what the correct variable would be for the number and name, or where would I go to declare them myself?
  4. If I wanted to modify this section circled in the screenshot to add a 4th link there, where would I find that html file in the install? Ive been digging but cant seem to find it. https://gyazo.com/e9cbaa49f25658c3c94118effc822613
  5. BigGainz

    add text to cart.php page

    It looks like I got scammed 😞 The weird thing is that I somehow found this guy through a google search and swore I got his info from the WHMCS site? He even linked me to this community when I asked him questions, which seems strange for him to do if he is not legit? When I screenshotted the license Verification page his only response was "This is not related to the billing module that we have provided to you. You can ignore it." I am trying to figure out how to make this right as obviously I never tried to purchase something that isnt correct.
  6. That post that you screenshotted was not me. LoL. You are correct in saying though that I am using this for IPTV integrated with an Xtream Codes panel. I guess what I am confused about is that I bought this off of a guy who I thought was WHMCS, they charged me $25 to install everything for me. Im assuming that they added the 3rd party apps that you are talking about. Still trying to learn my way through everything, Ive only been using this for 2 months. I will dig through the folders you mentioned above though and see what I can find. Thank you for your help.
  7. I havent installed any 3rd party addons, this is in the client portal, when they click on a service that they have this page comes up.
  8. When any clients are logged in to their account page and they click Web TV Player they get a 404 error. How do I fix this?
  9. BigGainz

    Crediting Accounts Automatically

    Orders for usernames that do not exist yet do not hold in pending, the only time things get held in pending for me are when someone purchases, the system tries to create the account and the creation fails because the username already exists (they are paying to renew, not create a new account). My understanding was this would only happen the first time through because I needed their username matched up with their live tv username so that way the system would realize they were a renew instead of a new account, but so far that is not what I am seeing as i am about 5 weeks in to having this billing system now so ive seen about a week of renewals that already used the system once. Which configurations are you asking about?
  10. The goal of using this software for me was to automate the process when my customers buy a month of IPTV from me, their account is automatically credited. I have been using this for about 5 weeks so far, so this past week I finally started to have customers who had paid through the billing portal last month, pay through it again this month. I am noticing many of them are still hanging up as pending instead of pushing through automatically. I use automatic account processing as one of my catch phrases to get people onto my site to give it a try, so when accounts hang up in pending and customers dont get their account until I push it through manually they usually arent happy about that. Is the issue the fact that they are coming back to the site and buying again, instead of just paying the invoice that they are emailed 10 days before their due date, and then given a reminder again 2 days before the due date?
  11. BigGainz

    Account Termination Issues

    This was the issue. Removed those #s and accounts stopped deleting. Thank you
  12. BigGainz

    Account Termination Issues

    The strange thing is that by looking at the picture attached, I would think termination wouldnt be ran during Cron because it is unticked?
  13. BigGainz

    Account Termination Issues

    Here is what is in the activity log (attached). Its definitely seeing these transactions as they should be terminated. How do I go about modifying the rest of my transactions so they arent seen as they should be deleted? I have probably about 700 to modify that have been done in the last month. I am assuming it is because I had fixed terms set to the products? I assumed having Setup > Automation Settings > Automatic Module Functions > Enable Termination unticked would prevent this but it did not. Yesterday I went through and set all fixed terms from a day count to 0 (also screenshotted the activity log attached to show this was done) , Im assuming this fixes the issue going forward but I am worried about the approx 700 transactions prior to these changes.
  14. BigGainz

    Account Termination Issues

    Yes this is when cron runs. I bumped it out a few hours for today to get a little extra time to get this figured out.
  15. BigGainz

    Account Termination Issues

    I am having accounts terminate when I do not want them to. I cannot seem to figure out why it is happening and am hoping someone here can help me out, its costing my $ out of pocket to set these accounts back up that are being deleted 😞 An example would be: Someone buys a 1 month product They buy another month before their first month expires, the month is added to their account properly in the Xtream Codes panel, the termination date of the first month comes and the account is terminated even though they did renew. I started going through purchases to try to make sure there were no termination dates present, but I am finding that accounts without termination dates are still being terminated. The termination period is entered in for each product but termination is disabled in settings, I did that here: Setup > Automation Settings > Automatic Module Functions Enable Termination unticked Termination Days changed to 30 days I also changed the termination period to 30 days, trying to buy some time while I figure the issue out, but accounts are still being terminated immediately. I cannot figure out how to stop this, can someone give me any pointers?

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