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  1. Thank you @WHMCS Marcus for the quick update. I can confirm that the workaround has resolved the issue (could not test the patch yet) 👍 And thank you very much @brian! for the continuous assistance that helped me to narrow down the issue. Thank you again both of you and a happy new year!
  2. Update: Also applies to other data tables (eg. invoices, tickets) ... when using the child theme.
  3. Good idea! And indeed, it shows all correctly in the six template?! I have now noticed that this is related to the child theme - when selecting the "Twenty-One" theme directly, it shows all domains correctly, but when selecting the child theme (which is using the twenty-one as the main template), the domains page shows only 10. Just for further testing I have removed all files from the child theme folder and just left the theme.yamlfile with the following content: # Custom Theme Configuration File name: "Custom Theme" author: "DD" config: parent: twenty-one When selecting the "Custom Theme" within the General Settings in WHMCS, the domains page only shows 10 domains?
  4. Just tested with another client and language, still the same: Also disabled all hooks just to ensure its not related, but still the same. As I do not know how it is intended to work, it might be an issue with the WHMCS core? As it only provides 10 domains within the $domains variable? Btw. do you see all those domains in the source code (or in the $domains variable)?
  5. Hi Brian, No, just the 10 domains and this first page (even when setting it to show 50): Oh - and it even says 19 in the filter at the left side.
  6. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has the same issue with the domains page within the client area (/clientarea.php?action=domains) (WHMCS 8.1 GA)? The customer can only see a maximum of 10 domains. He has 19 active domains in total (which I can see in the admin panel), and when navigating to "/clientarea.php?action=domaindetails&id=<DOMAIN_ID>" I can see the details of the missing domain when entering the ID of the domain manually. I have then debugged the Smarty template of this page and could see: $domains Origin: "Smarty object" Value Array (10) So for some reason only 10 domains are provided to Smarty/template? Is it a bug? Or should the datatable load the next few domains when clicking next (but next button is disabled)? And datatables says: Showing 1 to 10 of 10 entries. Thanks for the help and happy new year!
  7. Thanks Brian for the update. Sorry, yes on the left side; using the default "twenty-one" theme. BUT I have just noticed that this only applies to some languages - I guess to those that are not by default shipped with WHMCS. German is indeed working fine; the language in my case that does show english diffforhumans is "Bosnian" (which is similar to Croatian, which is working fine). Do you by chance now how I can set the ISO code that will be passed to Carbon? Or how the language is passed to Carbon? Tried to set $_LANG['locale'] = "hr_HR"; in the translation file, but this did not work. Thanks! And happy new year!
  8. If anyone else needs assistance with this, please get in touch by private message. Here to help, almost for free 😀 Daniel
  9. If anyone else needs assistance with this, please get in touch by private message. Here to help. Daniel
  10. Same for the /cart/domain/renew page Expire date: 15 Jan 2021 (2 weeks from now) Don't know if this is also Carbon, but couldn't find any translation string in the English.php lang file. And "15 Jan 2021" does also not match the chosen date format in the WHMCS settings ...
  11. Hi, Is it possible to translate the "diffForHumans" date strings within the client area? (using WHMCS 8.1) Eg. in the right-side Ticket Information box on a ticket, it says "Last change: 5 months ago" - I would need to change the "5 months ago" to another language (preferable to that used by the logged in customer). As I assume the Carbon's diffForHumans function is used here, I have tried to set it in the configuration.php file to "Carbon\Carbon::setLocale('de');" ... but did not work - I assume it gets overwritten somewhere in the WHMCS core. Any ideas? Thank you!
  12. Thank you, @Kian. Exactly what I was looking for. Just had to remove the "a" from the trigger line, everything working as expected: if ($( "div[menuitemname='My Services Status Filter'] a[class='list-group-item active']").attr('menuitemname') != 'Active') { $("#Primary_Sidebar-My_Services_Status_Filter-Active").trigger("click"); }
  13. I checked this one more time and can confirm that @Kian's solution is working: $("#Primary_Sidebar-My_Services_Status_Filter-Active").trigger("click"); The only "problem" is that the click is triggered on every page load, of course --> When the filter is set to active and the page is reloaded, the filter is removed because of the triggered click. Is there a way to get the current filter status which can be used to prevent the click in case it is active already?
  14. Hi @Kian Thanks for the suggestion. Was thinking of something similar, but was not sure how to "trigger" the click in Javascript. I have tried it using the suggested method but still nothing happens - furthermore it seems that the filter no longer works when adding the "trigger" method. Do you have another idea?
  15. Same question, is there a an easy way to have "Active" set by default? So that the users do not have to click it manually? The user should be able to display the expired and other services if needed (so we cannot use a hook to remove the expired services).
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