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  1. Hi, We've got it set so a certain staff group cannot list clients, and we have the support pin module installed so staff can only view clients if they have provided the support pin. But I want to make it an option where staff can also search by email, any ideas? Thanks
  2. Hello, Does anyone know of a way to import lots of domain extensions? Wanting to add 99% (except from stuff like .xxx) to our WHMCS but do not want to spend hours doing it... Thanks!
  3. Tom Wilson

    Custom code not working

    Hi, We have got the below code: {if $mcproducts.codeguard gt 0 || $mcaddons.codeguard gt 0}<p>You have an active CodeGuard!</p>{/if} But it it not working, any ideas why? Let me know if you need anything t help. And yes, the client does have CodeGuard active 😛
  4. Hi guys I want to be able to add the below to any customer that is logged in: <!-- Start of magicwebdesignshelp Zendesk Widget script --> <script id="ze-snippet" src="https://static.zdassets.com/ekr/snippet.js?key=7f9fba61-cc12-4564-a455-853beb469132"> </script> <!-- End of magicwebdesignshelp Zendesk Widget script --> How would I do this? Thanks Tom
  5. Tom Wilson

    Remove priority option

    Hi guys How do I remove the option for customers to choose the ticket priority on ticket submission?
  6. Tom Wilson

    Sign in with Apple

    Hi all Do any of you know how to install Sign in with Apple, or if this is coming soon for WHMCS? Thanks
  7. Tom Wilson

    Add sidebar menu

    Thanks! How about a page for a web hosting product too? On this one, I would like to not only add one, but remove one too, I am wanting to remove the 'Request Cancellation' and 'Upgrade/Downgrade Options'.
  8. Hey We've just got Zendesk, and won't be using the built-in WHMCS KB and Support system. What's the easiest way to send anyone who goes to submit a ticket, goes to the KB or tries to view a support ticket gets redirected to another link. I also want to remove the 'Recent support tickets' from the client's home page. Any help is appreciated 🙂 Thanks Tom
  9. Tom Wilson

    Add sidebar menu

    Hello I know this is possible through hooks but I'm not sure how exactly! In the client area within the domain details page: I want to add an option under 'Manage' which will link to another page - how do I do this?
  10. Tom Wilson

    Add manual Affiliates

    Hello A client is activated as an Affiliate, they referred someone who we signed up manually so it did not register that the Affiliate has had a sign up. Any way of adding this manually?
  11. Tom Wilson

    Pay by credit card not working

    I'm actually in the process right now of moving it all to a separate sub domain 🙂
  12. Hello Once viewed an invoice, then clicking 'Pay now' it takes you to the checkout page but does not work. Firstly, it asks for a card type which is blank and when submitting card payments it has an error, details included below. Don't worry the card details used are testing details so nothing to steal 🙂 " Error: Call to a member function attach() on null in /var/www/vhosts/magicwebdesigns.co.uk/httpdocs/modules/gateways/stripe.php:0 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/vhosts/testing/httpdocs/includes/ccfunctions.php(0): stripe_storeremote(Array) #1 /var/www/vhosts/testing/httpdocs/creditcard.php(0): updateCCDetails(44798, 'Visa', '400000000000306...', '123', '', '', '', '', '', ' AND `gateway` ...', NULL) #2 {main} "
  13. Hey guys Very small bug, but something that could be ironed out 🙂 This showed when a customer checked out for the first time, entered their details, password etc... the password they entered did not match so it showed: The little bullet point should not belong there 🙂
  14. Hello I have a bank transfer payment gateway set up. I want it so if this is the chosen payment method it sends them an email informing them on how to pay it. Any one know how?

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