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  1. pikerr

    Configurable Options

    Dear All, Anyone come across For Configurable Option for Regions If I have 3 datacentre in New York, I have to indicate 1)nyc1|New York 1 2)nyc2|New York 2 3)nyc3|New York 3 This might be confusing to clients. is there a way to group them together and label as New York? Thank you
  2. pikerr

    Open new ticket

    Thanx Brian
  3. pikerr

    Open new ticket

    It seems fine , billing - 3 but whenever create new ticket, the Department drop down list will only reflect Support and sales. Is there anyway to add billing ?
  4. pikerr

    Open new ticket

    Dear Brian I have check, role id tally however I spotted there is supportdepts which indicate (1 to 5) not sure if this is meant for sales, support, billing and IT security? For Roy is 3 -> meant for billing? how do I check what does the number stand for which department? Thank you
  5. pikerr

    Open new ticket

    Dear Dennis, Not sure if you are refering to this
  6. pikerr

    Open new ticket

    Dear Dennis. as attached is the billing department
  7. pikerr

    Open new ticket

    Dear All, Currently when we try to open new ticket for client, we will choose the dropdown list under Department (however currently is sales and support) In regardless, I have changed in Setup -> Staff Management -> Administrator Roles / Administrator User , or Setup -> Support -> support Departments, all I have added billing team. However billing is not reflected in the dropdown list under Department for Opening New Ticket. Ay advise how to allow a billing department to open new ticket to client? Thank you
  8. Dear Brian, They are renewal invoices auto generated by WHMCS Currently Im delaying one of the services due date to 1 week later to prevent this to be auto generated while trying to find the permanent solution. Thank you
  9. Dear Team, Is there a way to prevent a specific invoice ( 1 out of 3 invoices) to be trigger to the customer while the remaining 2 invoices will be trigger to customer? If possible, is it automated triggered or has to be manually triggered to this client? Thank you
  10. Dear All, Is there a way to recover email trigger to client by WHMCS, the email was wrongly trigger to client via WHMCS, is there a way to recover and delete without client reading? Thank you
  11. Dear Team, I have enabled using the POP3 method however I have few questions 1) WHMCS will import all the emails inside inbox to new tickets , and there is no emails left inside inbox? Is it possible that the emails will still remain inside inbox without deleting after WHMCS import? 2) Due to pop cron is run every 5 minutes, there are still time for support department reply to the client via their support email. However these replies from support department is not captures inside the WHMCS tickets. Appreciate your advice in advance
  12. Dear All, I have tried to insert the below codes in regardless PreShoppingCartCheckout or ShoppingCartValidateCheckout, it leads to another page which indicate "You may verify your email address first before you can complete this order." However due to I have enabled Auto Redirect on checkout to Automatically forward the user to the payment gateway, after 15 seconds it will automatic lead me to payment page. Any advise? add_hook("PreShoppingCartCheckout", 1, function($vars){ if (PREVENTUNVERIFIEDORDERS===true){ $client = Menu::context("client"); if (!is_null($client) && $client->emailVerified!==true){ return array("You may verify your email address first before you can complete this order!"); } } }); Thank you in advance
  13. pikerr

    Enquiry on crons jobs

    noted with thanx.
  14. pikerr

    Enquiry on crons jobs

    Dear Team, Initially, I have set to every 5 minutes to run the cron job, where will be a few notification emails trigger to my company mailbox and admin mailbox each time the cron job has executed per 5 mins block. (the command line is for every 5 minutes as below:) */5 * * * * php -q72 /home/example/public_html/client/crons/cron.php Thus I have to set twice a day which is 1 pm and 5 pm, the same number of notification emails trigger to both admin and company mailbox however the frequency is set as twice a day. The command line is ( 0 13,17 * * * php72 /home/example/public_html/client/crons/cron.php ) Under WHMCS , I have set daily cron to run at 9am. I have set a scripts name runningWHMCScrons.sh to run daily 9 am 0 9 * * * /home/example/scripts/runningWHMCScrons.sh I face a slight issue for the settings above, for overdue reminder notice, it has been triggered twice (which is 1 pm and next day 9am) however I do not encounter this issue for invoice generating? Anyone has encountered the same issue as me ( generating repeated overdue reminder notice? ) and manage to rectify , please let me know the solution Thank you in advance.
  15. pikerr

    Customise Invoice Report

    thanx Brian, it works

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