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  1. Any developer that can shed a light on this? Forums are pretty quiet.
  2. Working on developing a SSO addon and would like to know what the algorithm for generating the User cookie used for Remember Me functionality. It appears it is the Client ID on the frontend following by some URL encoding? Cookie::set( 'User', $client->id....., strtotime( '+1 year', time() ) );
  3. I have implemented the CreateSsoToken API with my custom OIDC addon for SSO. It works as expected when using a pre-defined destination. However, when using the sso:custom_redirect destination, my client is not redirected to the checkout page as it is defined below. $results = localAPI( 'CreateSsoToken', array( 'client_id' => $client->id, 'destination' => 'sso:custom_redirect', 'sso_redirect_path' => 'cart.php?a=checkout' ), 'Jon Erickson' );
  4. Hi there, Does WHMCS natively support OpenID Connect as a client, rather than a provider? I have a SSO SaaS that I use for all my web services and would like WHMCS to authenticate and authorize against my SSO service. Or do I need to create a custom LoginShare hook for such flow? Thanks!
  5. @steven99 and @WHMCS ChrisD, I’ve since changed from a shared hosting environment to a VPS and all issues have resolved. I’m just gonna chalk this up to a server config error. Thanks for the help!
  6. @steven99 and @WHMCS ChrisD, after changing the cron to: /usr/local/bin/php -q /home/soldeschutes/data/crons/cron.php -vvv ...I let the cron do its thing over night. The Daily Automation Tasks ran at 0000 as it was suppose too, but still not receiving a Completed log entry. I also did not receive any email with any kind of error. This is what my logs look like, with a couple entries on the previous page as well...
  7. @steven99, Wow, totally must have missed it. It was hiding under a more link. I've added my email and hopefully will receive some kind of error log or such letting me know what's going on.
  8. @WHMCS ChrisD @steven99, The email must be disabled by my hosting provider because I do not have that field available. Also, I do not have root privileges to manually add to crontab. I am on a linux reseller hosting account.
  9. @steven99, When running with --force, it's via, I assume, root access after SSH'ing with the root credentials. However, I am not sure who cPanel/WHMCS runs the crons jobs as. Do you know? Also, I do not have a field for cron email in cPanel.
  10. @Kian, I do not see that log entry unless I run the cron with --force.
  11. @steven99, I get the following logs each time the Cron is run... However, if I run the Cron via CLI with the force tag, it completes properly.
  12. I've got my system cron job set up to run every 15 minutes (as often as my host allows) and it appears to be running correctly. In Automation Settings, I have the "Cron Status Ok" message with the last run date, being every 15 minutes. However the "daily" cron doesn't appear to be running. I never receive the "WHMCS Cron Job Activity" email with the report. I only receive the Domain Sync report multiple times a day. When I SSH in and run the cron with the --force and -vvv flags, everything runs smoothly, all 27 tasks are run and I receive the Activity email. But when I leave to let the cron run itself, it doesn't appear to run everything. I also have the "System cron doesn't appear to have run correctly" in Needing Attention within the Dashboard. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Welcome to WHMCS.Community Jon Erickson! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.

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