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  1. SteelSignature

    Product dependent product logic

    Is there any configuration to have a product require another product. There's an option for a product to require a domain. This is essentially what an addon does, but addons don't allow commission to affiliates or configurations.
  2. SteelSignature

    cpanel module - set contact email

    Did I post this in the correct area?
  3. SteelSignature

    Hi Community

    Just dropping in to say HI
  4. SteelSignature

    cpanel module - set contact email

    When the cpanel module runs, a contact email is set to the client's email. Is there a way to override this and set a default admin email for all cpanel accounts created through WHMCS? The option is not available under advanced settings for the product/services, and it has to be manually done through WHM for every account. Perhaps there's a hook that can be used.
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