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  1. I'd like to run a check for email opt in on client nav/dashboard items. Easy to check on a .tpl template, but this seems to fail as a php hook. Any help would be appreciated. <?php use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item; add_hook('ClientAreaHomepagePanels', 1, function (Item $homePagePanels) { $emailoptin = boolval($_SESSION['marketing_emails_opt_in']); if ($emailoptin){ ... } }); I've come to realize that 'marketing_emails_opt_in' variable is only usable with certain hook functions; of which, there are none to check client details. Is there any way to do this?
  2. SteelSignature

    Redirect cart.php to main website!!

    Hey Brian, I know this is an old topic, but it's still incredibly helpful. I noticed the redirect rule doesn't work at all and the hook has the shortcomings that you mentioned as well as not working with products in cart, i.e. "Order New Services"/"Continue Shopping" buttons with URL: /cart.php Do you have any other ideas? Was there a change in how WHMCS handled URLs because it's very rare to see your suggestions fall short!
  3. We had a ticket close mid conversation, the log says "Closed by Client". We reopened it in Options. It was "Closed by Client" again... Confused, I checked the log for Client Activity and it showed that client's last login was 2 days. Auto close is disabled for those ticket statuses. How is this possible? Is there a hard cap on tickets? Did we just discover a bug? For reference, there are 25 replies (34 including notes).
  4. SteelSignature

    Auto Apply Credit

    You are a saint!!!
  5. SteelSignature

    Auto Apply Credit

    Wow that make a bit more sense (sorry not a developer). Will the below work or does Client Details have to be called to figure out credit availability? And is this statement in postdata required or redundant: 'invoiceid' => 'invoiceid' <?php add_hook('InvoiceCreationPreEmail', 1, function($vars) { $command = 'ApplyCredit'; $postData = array( 'noemail' => 'true', ); });
  6. SteelSignature

    Auto Apply Credit

    I've noticed the option to apply credit to an unpaid invoice only applies to recurring invoices (which is rather odd). Billable Items seem to apply credit; the only time credit isn't being applied is when a quote is converted into an invoice (which seems extra silly since the client has to approve the quote anyway). Is there an easy way to alter this behavior and allow all unpaid invoices to automatically apply credit in the account? I found this but can't make much sense of it: https://developers.whmcs.com/api-reference/applycredit/
  7. After attempting the use of a plugin, we're now receiving regular failed logins with international IP addresses. The emails look like below: How do you ban all IP addresses outside a region (United States)? (Essentially ban all IP + White List only US IP) The system allows ranges, but I do not want to create 500 different rules for all the various countries and IP ranges. If I'm reading this wrong and there's a better explanation, please learn me something 😉
  8. SteelSignature

    Credit Card Charging Settings - potential disaster

    I'll do some testing and report back. I have to wonder what good the "Retry Every Week For" option is if it doesn't help here. Two words: Billable Items
  9. SteelSignature

    Credit Card Charging Settings - potential disaster

    That is true, but the behavior has been overriden with: do --ProcessCreditCardPayments Do you know what will happen with failed payment attempts now?
  10. Attempt Credit Capturing is currently running every 5 minutes as a cron. It's great except if a payment fails, because... Now that it's set to run every 5 minutes, would a failed payment be attempted every 5 minutes and send a "Credit Card Payment Failed" message each time. This would obliterate someone's inbox until it was resolved = BAD Is there a way to hard cap attempts or is this already built in through the "Retry Every Week For" setting? I hoping a power user that understands the payment rules in WHMCS could provide some clarity.
  11. Need embed booking/appointment scripts (iframe) on certain Product Details pages. Different products would use different embed code. Currently setup as Auto Release. This would be similar to how the Web Hosting Product Details page have Usage Statistics, Quick Shortcuts, Quick Create Email Account, etc. I would like this setup in a way that new Products (and new Product Details pages) could be generated/duplicated frequently without involving more development work. For example, a template file that can have the Product ID and embed script changed. Small project, but looking for affordable and reliable dev for continuous work.
  12. SteelSignature

    Incorrect Billable Items description

    Started using this feature after v7.8 so I honestly don't know. System Charset: utf-8
  13. SteelSignature

    Incorrect Billable Items description

    Most recent: 7.8.2
  14. SteelSignature

    Incorrect Billable Items description

    Creating a "Billable Item" from a product pulls the product description with &amp; and it has to be manually changed else it appears like that on the client's invoice. Product Descriptions in the Admin Area shows &amp; > Product description in Billable Item shows &amp; > Invoice description shows &amp; The transfer from the Product Description in the Admin Area to Billable Items should convert to "&" or creating an Invoice from Billable Item should convert to "&". It's not being done and is confusing for admins when creating Billable Items.
  15. When adding a new "Billable Item", descriptions improperly show ampersands. They appear as "&amp" not "&". Billable Items seems to be the only area where this happens.

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