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  1. SteelSignature

    Email Marketer Product Status

    Is there any way to only send to orders with BOTH Pending Status and Completed Status? (I assume Pending is not approved, and Completed is paid; correct me if I'm mistaken)
  2. SteelSignature

    Email Marketer Product Status

    WHMCS documentation is a bit vague... again. Can someone please elaborate on the following: Product/Service Status - The email will be sent if the service above is in the status selected here. Ctrl + Click to select multiple statuses. Is this union OR logic or intersection AND logic? Assuming this is AND logic, does choosing "Pending" + "Completed" mean the service/product has been paid for but not approved?
  3. SteelSignature

    Product dependent product logic

    Thank you for listing the available options! Looks like I'll be using addons until I have a bigger need for the Product Linker.
  4. SteelSignature

    Affiliates Commission Delay Setting

    WHMCS documentation is a bit vague. Can someone elaborate on the following: If I set the commission delay to X days and a monthly order is placed in January, will all subsequent monthly reoccurring payments (starting in February) also have commission delayed by X days
  5. SteelSignature

    Product dependent product logic

    Is there any configuration to have a product require another product. There's an option for a product to require a domain. This is essentially what an addon does, but addons don't allow commission to affiliates or configurations.
  6. SteelSignature

    cpanel module - set contact email

    Did I post this in the correct area?
  7. SteelSignature

    Hi Community

    Just dropping in to say HI
  8. SteelSignature

    cpanel module - set contact email

    When the cpanel module runs, a contact email is set to the client's email. Is there a way to override this and set a default admin email for all cpanel accounts created through WHMCS? The option is not available under advanced settings for the product/services, and it has to be manually done through WHM for every account. Perhaps there's a hook that can be used.
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