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  1. cstech

    Display hosting package on home page

    I really do not know how to thank you Mr @brian! Thank you sooo much. God bless you!
  2. cstech

    Display hosting package on home page

    Thank you Brian for your useful help The output is not so far from the original templates>>orderforms>>premium_comparison>>products.tpl The missing rendering is space between <li>sentance in description</li> And the important two missing are price of product and the not working of Order button
  3. cstech

    Display hosting package on home page

    Hello Brian, here the hook <?php use Illuminate\Database\Capsule\Manager as Capsule; function homepage_products_hook($vars) { $products = Capsule::table('tblproducts') ->join('tblpricing', 'tblproducts.id', '=', 'tblpricing.relid') ->where('tblpricing.type', 'product') ->where('tblproducts.hidden','0') ->where('tblproducts.gid','1') ->select('tblproducts.id','tblproducts.name','tblproducts.description','tblpricing.monthly') ->orderBy('tblproducts.order') ->groupBy('tblproducts.id') ->get(); $results = json_decode(json_encode($products), true); return array("myproducts" => $results); } add_hook("ClientAreaPage", 1, "homepage_products_hook"); ?> I don't added any code to the six default template, and I don't know wich the code and where I should add it
  4. Hello, I tried and followed the hook from Brian in this thread https://whmcs.community/topic/271417-product-info-on-custom-pages/ to display a hosting package in home page unfortunately it not work and no error displayed. Any help please I use WHMCS v 7.7.1
  5. cstech

    Transfer button issue

    Thank you Brian, for your useful link to the support for a non direct WHMCS members
  6. Hello, When the invisible reCaptcha is activated, the button transfer a domain in the home page do a search of availability instead of returning result about transfer
  7. cstech

    Transfer button issue

    Thank you for your short-term fix for this issue. Unfortunately I can't use submit bug link because my licence provided for me by my hoster
  8. cstech

    Transfer button issue

    The issue is not resolved with using invivisible reCaptcha. The issue is resolved if i use reCaptcha v2 or the default WHMCS recaptcha. Any way, your help is much appreciated. Thank you very much
  9. cstech

    Transfer button issue

    Hello Brian, finally the invisible recaptcha who causing the problem!!
  10. cstech

    Transfer button issue

    Hello Brian, please can I send you the link through private message? in this community it's impossible to edit or delete post!
  11. cstech

    Transfer button issue

    Just some css modifications through costum.css and some language through language override
  12. Hello, When I click button tranfer on the homepage, he returns result of checking availability instead of tranfering result. But when I do a tranfer through the link menu it work My configuration : WHMCS version 7.7.0 Template six PHP version 5.6.30
  13. cstech

    Hello all

    I am new to this community. I want to use WHMCS to sell domains names and hosting packages, unfortunately I expect issues in the beginning ūüė© The licence provided for me by my hoster. I am more good with french language but I can understand technical english language in web hosting and web development industry. Thank's for WHMCS team for this great software and thank's for community for any help
  14. cstech

    Products and services setup

    Hello All, I'am new to WHMCS, and I want to use it to sell only a domaine name without a hosting. I created a list of domains to sale without creating any hosting plan. When I try to buy a domain, after success availability, in the next step the WHMCS system add the option to register a hosting plan even the hosting plan don't exist! Please is there a way to disable this step and go directly to the payment without asking a client to register a hosting plan? Thanks for any help
  15. Welcome to WHMCS.Community cstech! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.


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