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  1. whmcs.hostlag.com But its returning server error 503
  2. Thank you for your support boss, I agree with you 100% but none of the methods that I tried has worked for me yet. I have tried to create a subdomain and move my whmcs installation there, I have checked the .htaccess file for WP and WHMCS and commented the codes out section by section but the issue still persist. I don't mind paying if I can get someone to resolve this for me.
  3. Hello All, I have been trying to access my whmcs backend for almost 48 hours without success. I have so many clients issues to attend to but I could not login to whmcs at the moment, see the link below. https://hostlag.com/whmcs/adminHostlag/ If anyone has had similar or same experience in the past, do kindly share how you were able to resolve it. I used wordpress for the frontend, I have deactivated all the plugins that I am using on my wordpress backend, I have also un-install imunify360 but yet the issue persist. I will appreciate if anyone can help. Thanks
  4. This issue has been resolved. It was as a result of changed IP Address that I forgot to update on my registrar platform.
  5. I'm having issues accepting domain orders automatically from my whmcs once payment is confirmed. See error message below. Domain Registration Failed - Domain ID: 182 - Domain: ********.com - Error: 401 - Domain Registration Failure - Unauthenticated user What can I do?
  6. Hello Everyone, I noticed that the password reset section and profile section on my client area is not coming up. On my whmcs backend, I got the following errors Smarty Error: Default handler: No template default content for 'file:hostiko-light/user-password.tpl' Kindly guide me on how to fix this. Thanks
  7. I noticed that since I updated my whmcs to 8.0.4, my cron job has not been working effectively. It's scheduled to run every 5 minutes but its been running every 24 hours. It's as if there is a script in the cron.php that is making it run every 24 hours but I don't know which and what. I'll appreciate any help
  8. I've been able to fix this myself. All I did was to check the 1 year check box under domain and boom it worked.
  9. I configured a promotion on my whmcs account that a certain amount should apply to a .com domain and/but requires the startup plan of our hosting but while all these conditions are met, the system keeps returning an error message that promotion code has been applied but no item qualify for the discount. Please see attached screenshot
  10. Thanks Chris and All, I sent an email to Paypal and they already responded. My problem is that fact that I'm Nigerian. Paypal does not allow some certain features to appear on their website if your system IP shows that you are in Nigeria. The only option I have for now and which I have done is to disable Paypal from my payment gateway list and use other options that are working. Thanks
  11. Hello mates, I got the following error from paypal within whmcs while a client was trying to purchase a domain from us. "Things don't appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later." What do you advise? Thanks
  12. Thanks boss but this code breaks when I tried using it. I have already enabled smarty php in my whmcs version 7.7 and inserting the codes above directly into the header.tpl and footer.tpl crashed the platform... Kindly help me with the step by step guide on how to go about this. Thanks
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