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  1. Hi Guys and @brian! Hope you're doing okay! Just want to send some question on How do we set the status in bulk to cancel for all orders or active products without terminating them? Because the scenario is that I am trying to copy my whmcs to another domain as I will need the same settings from it but my issue is that for the new domain, it is sync to the servers connected from the main domain where when I cancelled an order from the new backup domain, it terminates the account even if I already deactivated the server connection from system settings > servers Is there a way to set the status in "cancelled" for all orders in bulk without terminating the products and just deactivate them in the second domain or backup domain. Thank you for your answers further!!!!!
  2. To be honest, I don't use 3rd party addons or hooks for invoicing. I have read and thanks. It is showing as doubled https://bit.ly/3iD5l0j but I'm not sure why because in my cron jobs, it's only single and it's been this early on. Thank you for your time.
  3. Hi Everyone! Do you guys have encountered an issue where the value of your invoices to clients that were generated in automation in your whmcs website is duplicated? Meaning, for Web Hosting at $5/mo which is stated in the invoice, it is duplicated which the invoice now has two lines of statement of web hosting at $10/mo and the total invoice becomes $20 instead of $10 a month. I tried to reinstall and remove 3rd party addons but still I am not sure what is happening. It just started or I only noticed it last month, maybe after upgrade. I am using Stripe, is it possible the module is having an issue? Thanks everyone!
  4. Hi Guys. I hope you can help me how to add adsense code in WHMCS
  5. I'm also having this issue. Anyone can clarify if answers would still work?
  6. Hi, I use [FIRSTNAME] Mege Field in Support Ticket Signature to automatically add the client's name when I reply to a ticket but after Upgrading from 7.10.2 version and the latest today, now that [FIRSTNAME] Mege Field doesn't work. Anyone facing this issue that have resolved it, I would really appreciate your thoughts. Thanks
  7. I have contacted the developer and hopefully he would answer for an updated paid version
  8. Any idea of hook is there to accomplish this one?
  9. Also clear all your install with dependencies. Make sure you apply WHMCS Release notes information like the codes in every template or modules to be replaced. Sometimes it make the conflict to any other settings like that
  10. I disabled paypal basic and activated after upgrade and now works
  11. Thanks very much @brian! , tried but no luck. Hope anyone else here can share their thoughts further. 🙂
  12. By any chance, did anyone resolve this issue?
  13. Hi Everyone. Sorry to bother at the moment. I have an issue that I've been trying to fix all day until this point. My changes do not apply in WHMCS Config Options settings. Adding an item and changing pricing for it. Please see video demo https://share.vidyard.com/watch/5MrMNV9WZNHzEEU7UvK8iQ? Hoping for you kind guidance or suggestions.
  14. What if you're using Cloudlinux, how do we set these?
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