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  1. Hi Guys. Anyone who have encountered this issue? The thing is, I am using addons services for domains like IP Protection, dns management and so on built in w/ whmcs but after using the sync import of resellerclub, I am unable to save those addon services anymore. I've selected all these including the left part corner and save them but it's nothing changes after that https://bit.ly/3376GES Thanks for your further advices!
  2. Yes, and I already added them early on. It's worked fine until that time
  3. You have to use hook for this. It's been answered here in the community by my own question about this 🙂
  4. By the way, Man @Remitur Is there a way to add function for the Create Support Ticket?
  5. Thanks for this, Man! Just when I needed!!!
  6. Hi Guys. I've been using PayPal basic for almost two years now and I had no issue with it until this week. It just don't work anymore for capturing payments in whmcs. It does capture through paypal but in my whmcs, I have to manually add the payment details to the invoice and mark it as paid. Any advice or have tou ever encountered this one on your end? Thanks. I've alreasy messaged paypal about this and they seems useless. and I see no error in gateway log as well but in the PIN History in PayPal, I see the transactions being in a status of retying multiple times
  7. Hi Guys. Is there a way to customize the Support "System" (Staff) Name as an autoresponse from using the Ticket Escalation rules?
  8. Hi Guys, just want to clear thing out. When I assign a staff on a certain ticket, will it be private to him/her and the full administrator? Thanks
  9. Is there another way or at least a module for this? Thanks Guys
  10. Thanks, Man. Yes, it's the Staff and to clarify, I already have my own PM. Yes, you can only assign one person at a time for projects but you can assign multiple ones for the tasks and I beleieve if you have, those members are able to view the messaging feature as well.
  11. Hi Guys. Can you guys clarify if the message board is visible to users/members even if they are not assigned to the project. Please see attached screenshot. Thanks
  12. Hi Guys. Just want to know if there's a way to hide the tasks in Project Management addon for users or members that aren't assigned to it? I see there's an option to hide a certain project but if a user has been assigned to a certain task within that project, and they click on the Project Name, they are able to view all the tasks for that project. Please help.
  13. Thanks. So all I need to do is key in the non-existing values on the package right? Just like the accounts limit
  14. Thanks for your feedback. I think it is as I am the root and not a reseller
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